Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Bumpdate {weeks 26-30}

Time for another bumpdate!! 
(These pictures just keep getting worse and worse, ha!) 

Size of baby: Summer cantaloupe
Weight gain: +33 pounds. YIKES. The good news is that I only ONE pound in the 2 weeks between doctor's visits!!
Maternity clothes: Yep. Blah.
Gender: Feeling like girl, but yesterday's ultrasound picture I think looked more like Lucas?!

Movement: After the blood transfusion, I have never paid more attention to a baby’s movements till this child now! I am constantly doing kick counts and making sure he/she is moving lots. They definitely have quiet periods, but will move around a lot when I’m driving, eating pasta salad or drinking coffee! 
Cravings: Pasta salad, raspberry gelato, popsicles
Symptoms: Some sciatic nerve pain. I had a little soreness from all of the places where they put needles during my last two transfusions. Most of my pain is if baby is laying in a weird way/spot and it will just HURT somewhere in my stomach. I get out of breath way too easily. Peeing lots. Hard to bend over. Also feeling nauseous at times?!
Workouts: Our treadmill broke right after I hit 26 weeks, so I took it as a sign from above that I needed to be DONE RUNNING this pregnancy!

Sleep: Starting to get a little insomnia. I just cannot fall asleep! And waking up 1-3 times to pee now.
Labor signs: Nope.
ISO: Since my last update, I've had 2 blood transfusions, on July 11 and then yesterday, July 23. You can read about the first one here. The one yesterday was basically the same as the first one and went well! I go back on Monday to check and see how baby is taking in all that new blood. The doctor is planning on doing one more transfusion, probably in about 2 weeks, but wants to see how baby is doing before we decide any dates for sure. Also, doctor talked about having to deliver around 34/35 weeks. He doesn’t want to do any more transfusions at that point because baby’s placenta is in the back and it’s too tricky to get the correct needle placement as baby gets bigger.
What I miss: Not having anxiety/paranoia about if this baby is ok!
Best moment this week: Seeing baby in 3D and 4D! Getting another transfusion over with. Also, I got a Roomba on Amazon Prime Day and it is LIFE. CHANGING.

Looking forward to: Checking on baby again next Monday. Also, finishing up some stuff in the  nursery and hopefully buying a new car soon! Trav and I both hate dealing with car stuff, so we've been procrastinating on this one big time!


  1. The Roomba really is life changing! I was thinking girl when you posted your u/s picture on IG the other day. I am glad the transfusion went well and that baby is doing well with it. Can't wait to meet him or her soon!