Friday, August 3, 2018

Ella Grace {4.5 years}

Dear Ella,

Today you are another half year older! Daddy makes fun of me for celebrating half birthdays, but if there's anything I've learned, especially with some events this past week (click here to see what I am talking about!), it's that every child needs to be celebrated and every day with them is so important! So today, we are celebrating YOU sweet girl!

You are at least 40 inches tall and 40 pounds, although I haven't officially measured you recently. You wear 5T clothes, but some 4T and even 3T stuff still fits. You wear size 10 shoes, but I  just got your some new shoes for school and the 10s were too small! So you are starting to fit into size 11! Crazy!

Dare I say, nap time might be coming to an end. Most of my friends with kids your age are pretty jealous that you still "nap," but if we're being honest, you just have quiet time every afternoon. You do sleep maybe once or twice a week during this time, but for the most part, you play with your stuffed animals and sing songs for two hours. Whatever, I'll take it, because at least you seem to be happy and Mommy gets that nice little afternoon break! :) At night, you sleep fantastically from about 7:30 PM until 7 or so in the morning. You don't come out of your room until your clock turns green at 7:30 though, so thank you for that!

You had a great end of year at preschool, as you finished up the fours class! You learned to ride a bike (with training wheels), write your name really well (as well as Mom, Dad and Lucas), and cut on a line with scissors! You also took swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer and gained so much confidence in the water. You love to practice swimming without your puddle jumper and it makes me happy to see that you love the water! 

You still really, really love Paw Patrol, especially Skye. You are totally obsessed with her, and spend a good chunk of your nap time each day "talking" to her! You want to be a helicopter pilot when you grow up, just like Skye. You've recently been really into Peppa Pig and have been requesting to watch that each afternoon after your nap time is over. You also LOVE the Pinaklicious book series and are constantly searching for one you haven't read yet every time we go to the library. 

You still LOVE your baby brother, as shown in the picture below. He is constantly doing crazy things (see picture above), but you do a great job of not encouraging his trouble-making behaviors! He has learned so many things from you, like a love for Paw Patrol, how to say ABCD, how to count to 2 (ha!), and of course he is learning to get a word in edgewise since you are quite the talker. You do a great job of sharing your toys with him, even when he is demanding and snatches something right out of your hands. You are also so excited to be a big sister all over again very, very soon! You have been such a trooper coming with me to most of the 8,000 doctor's appointments we've had this summer and I am so proud of your patience in the waiting room! You love going to the doctor "with all the elevators" (MFM) because you get to see the baby on the TV every time! You think the regular OB doctor is boring because we just listen to the you call that office the "heartbeat doctor." You are totally 100% convinced this baby is a boy and tell everyone who will listen you are getting a baby BROTHER in September! We will see if you're right very soon! 

You are still pretty funny and you say some pretty hilarious things. The other night, a cockroach was in the bathtub (AHHHH!) and we both started screaming and freaking out until Daddy came to kill it. You still wouldn't get in the tub because Daddy left it's "antenner" on accident. You were so freaked out about the "antenner." I was dying laughing. You also have special names for your clothes: ruffle pants are "wiggly pants," your jeggings are "soft jeans," and you love to wear "a dress as a shirt." (Thank you, 2T dresses that are so big, we can still get away with this!) You have become very opinionated with what you wear, and I can no longer buy just whatever for you...I have to run it by you first to see if you like it. You've recently become OBSESSED with headbands and I can't get you to take them off! I feel like you look so much older. 

Thank you for being such a light and joy in our lives, Ella! We don't know what we would do without you! Helper, Big Sister, Daughter, Smart have many titles, but we are so glad you are OURS most of all! We love you! 


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