Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Catching Up on the Last 2 Weeks

Hi friends!
Sorry for the long, unintentional break!! I wish I had a good excuse...but really we have just been busy!
Here's a look at what we've been up to!

+Finally assembled the crib in baby's room!

+Ella also helped me put together this storage cube thing that I will use for baby's blankets, towels, crib sheets, etc. (Gray stripe bins are also from Target, too!)

+Ella finished round 1 of Vacation Bible School with her sweet friend! They put on the cutest little show on the last day for all of the parents! Ella had a blast the whole week.

+Went to a birthday party at our pool!

+Saw Paw Patrol Live. Both kids were as obsessed and entranced as you could imagine!

+Have had many an afternoon either in our backyard pool...

...or our neighborhood pool! It is too hot to do anything else outside!

+Took Lucas to the eye doctor. At his 2 year old check up, they did a screening which came back saying he had astigmatism and needed a more thorough eye exam. So off to the eye doctor we went (if you are keeping track, yes this child has needed: neonatologists, every pediatrician in our practice, hematologists, lactation consultant, sleep consultant, pediatric GI doctor, and now an ophthalmologist in his 2 short years of life! It takes a village to raise Lucas for sure!).

Anyway, the eye doctor found that Lucas does have astigmatism in both eyes, but right now it's not enough to blur his vision. I was so relieved he doesn't need glasses (yet)! We go back in a year. Lucas still has PTSD from this appointment. He hated just about every second there!

+Because we do nothing but go to the doctor(s) these days, the next day we had a check up on baby #3! He/she looked great and is still not anemic so fingers crossed this keeps up as long as possible!

+Got the kids some fresh summer haircuts. Lucas also had his first lollipop (although he wasn't sure about it at first)!

+Went blueberry picking. Lucas enjoyed picking the green berries, while Ella was actually helpful despite the 3 times she knocked her bucket over and spilled berries everywhere. 

{And everyone knows, the real reason I go pick any type of fresh fruit....for slushies and ice cream afterwards, duh!}

+Busted out my old Espana jersey from my studying abroad days, just in time to see Spain lose to Russia. 

+Watched fireworks (from on top of my car, no less!)

{So sad this is a blurry pic because gosh, it is a perfect pic of these two's relationship!}

{totally mesmerized!}

We have a fun little Fourth of July and weekend planned! We are going on a little adventure, and it's also my birthday on Friday! 29 for the 5th time, woo hoo!!!
I promise it won't be 2 weeks before I blog again! :)

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