Tuesday, January 30, 2018

10 Go-To Meals

I've been following along with Emily Ley's Simplicity Challenge on Instagram this month. Every day she posts a quick 15 minute FREE activity to do to simplify your life! Last week, one of the challenges was to make a list of 10 go-to meals for simple meal planning. 
I don't know if my list is worth sharing, but if nothing else, this is post for me to refer back to when I can't think of what to make for dinner!!

This is pretty much the only recipe that Trav requests by name. I make them every year for Selection Sunday in March, but I feel like we should be eating them more regularly than that. They are SO good.

I discovered these when I was pregnant with Lucas and craving sushi. These are just as good as the real deal, pregnant or not!!

Every Sunday in the fall, I make a soup, and this one is by far my favorite!!!

This is crazy easy, quick and it is SOOOO delicious.

This is perfect for the summer, especially when it's too hot to actually turn the oven on. 

This is my go-to pre-race meal. I swear it helps me run fast! 

We randomly found this recipe on the back of a bag of Kraft cheese, and it's honestly my favorite stuffed pepper recipe. It's pretty basic, but I do swap out the veggie crumbles and use ground turkey instead.

My favorite way to prepare pork tenderloin! This has so much flavor. Trav is not a fan of the mango salsa (he doesn't really like fruit with his meals), but I love it!

This makes a TON. You can eat it with rice, use for tacos, put on a has a distinct flavor that I like much better than regular taco meat. 

My friend Rachel brought us this for dinner when Lucas was born, and it is the BEST meal to take a family! It's super easy to prep and make ahead, and who doesn't like fajitas?! 

There you have it....10 things that even I can make (I'm such a bad cook)! If you have any good go-to recipes, please share!!!

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