Monday, April 27, 2015

San Diego | Part IV

Ok! Last post of San Diego!

April 6 we decided to hit up the Birch Aquarium.
Highly recommended for anyone visiting San Diego with kids...I liked it even better than the zoo

It is right on the campus of UCSD (but really, why didn't I consider coming here when I was looking at colleges 13 years ago?!) and the view from the aquarium is just gorgeous!!

As soon as we got there, we got to see them feed the sharks...

and then, outside there were lots of activities for little ones. Ella really liked this one where you could make a little waterfall ramp thing (I'm sure there is some legit name for it, but words are failing me at the moment). 

Of course we had to take a few pictures on the balcony with the gorgeous backdrop!

And then we went in to explore the aquarium! Ella really liked seeing all of the different kinds of fish!! A true aquarius :)

Back outside in another section, they had lot of little "tide pools" for little hands to explore...

We loved our time at the aquarium!!!

After that, we headed down to the beach so Ella could put her feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time (and me for maybe only my second or third time in life)!

She did not like was really cold!!!

There were a lot of surfers on this beach and one of them even let Ella stand on his surfboard!

My mom decided to take matters into her own hands, and tried to get Ella to enjoy the beach...she was not having it.

And then my brother tried to get her to go in the ocean again. She was not impressed.

All she wanted to do was play with my mom's glasses!

Oh well. Thanks for entertaining us, La Jolla Shores!

Just 2 more days of LA to recap...thanks for hanging with me through these vacation posts! I know they are super boring, but I want to remember everything we did because it was Ella's first big trip! 

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