Sunday, April 19, 2015


It should be no surprise to anyone that I woke up early this morning to shop the new Lilly Pulitzer collection at Target. Since the company announced this launch a few months ago, I've had TONS of people texting me, making sure I'd heard about it, since it involved 2 of my most favorite things....Lilly and Target!

Of course, I wasn't the only one who was excited...apparently everyone got up at 3AM to shop online, and everything was sold out there by the time I checked at 7AM. 

When Kathryn and I got to Target at 7:45 (store opened at 8), this was the line:

There were probably 100+ people in front of us. When the doors opened at 8, there was a mad rush to get in. By the time I got over to the women's clothes, there was almost nothing left! So many people were just grabbing anything and everything they was pure madness.

So what did I get?!

I only managed to get this shirt because Kathryn grabbed it and then realized it would be too small for her...

However, the real winner of this whole ordeal (no surprise here) was Miss Ella. Homegirl got even more clothes that she does not need!

Overall, I was pretty proud of all that I got!

And of course, had so much fun with Kathryn! 

I am really glad she made me get my butt out of bed, because I would not have gotten ANYTHING if I had gone any later!

Oh! But it doesn't end there...oh no, friends. 

While we were in line at the crack of dawn, I also ordered Ella these 2 things off Target's website...
(I figured if this whole thing was a bust and I got nothing at the store, at least I would come out of it with something for Ella to wear!)

I think I am going to return them (to Target, not sell them on eBay...don't get me started on that! So outrageous!!!!) because Ella has more than enough clothes now!!

And since I was a little disappointed at the clothing selection for myself, my girl Katie managed to get this dress for me at her Target near DC!

I also found this romper on one of the local moms Facebook groups I am in!

Fingers crossed that they both fit well and I don't have to return them, too!

Did you find anything good at Target? Or do you think I am completely nuts?!?

Before you judge me though, I'll leave you with this little Lilly lover in her new romper...I die!!!!

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