Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ella Grace {13 months}

Ok, ok. I know this is completely ridiculous. I mean who does a freaking 13 month update?! 
But I just can't help myself! I can't let the 3rd of a month go by without posting some sort of monthly Ella update! ;)

So bear with me...or feel free to skip through and just look at the pictures!

Ella, you have been a toddler for one whole month! Here's a quick (orrrr not so much) look at what you're like at this age!

-I didn't weight you (I know, shocker!), but if I had to guess, I'd say you're around 21ish pounds.

-You are still in your infant car seat, but I think we will move you to the convertible seat in the next week or two...definitely by the next month. You are starting to look a little cramped in there!

-You are wearing mostly 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

-You are still NOT 100% walking. This is totally shocking Daddy and I! You are an expert cruiser at this point, and you have figured out how to get from any one point in the house to another while holding onto something. You have stood up all by yourself several times for 2-3 seconds each time, but I have yet to catch you doing it for longer than that. On February 10, you took a few steps all by yourself between Daddy and I! We were SO excited!!! We have since been practicing you walking between us almost every day...but you still only take a few steps and then you're done with those shenanigans. Ha! 

-You love to climb...on this chair, your Pottery Barn chair, your Cozy Coupe, anything. You have also figured out how to get out of this chair, off the couch and off our bed!

-We just dropped your morning nap. As in, 2 days ago. You were sleeping great in the mornings and then refusing to go down in the afternoon. This was going on for a few weeks, so I finally put your nanny out of her misery and switched you to just one nap. Since this weekend, you've been taking some solid 3 hour afternoon naps! You are even still sleeping when I get home from school, which is awesome because it makes me think I didn't miss anything while I was at work all day! 

-You are SO spunky! You love to "explore" people...but we are working on using gentle hands. You love to take people's glasses off, pull hair, and grab faces. But on the other hand, you also love giving lots of hugs and "kisses" (aka you biting someone's face...with love)! 

-Your new favorite thing this month has been the humidifier. You love to turn it off and on, and a few times you have knocked it over, spilling water everywhere. (But that does not deter you from messing with it are nothing if not resilient!) You also love light switches and turning on the lights! 

-You talk. and talk. and talk. ALL. OF. THE. TIME. I love it! In addition to the words you already know, this past month, you've learned "ball," "hey," and "up." You also can tell me what a cow says ("mmmmmooo") and what a dog says ("wwwwwfff"). We are still working on what a sheep says, but you come up with "bababa" about 50% of the time. 

-You love to hand us toys. If we ask you to give us the ____, you always deliver! 

-We have been having quite a few dance parties lately! (PS, the Kids Bop Pandora station is our fave!) You love Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, and Call Me Maybe...which is interesting because I am pretty sure they played all of those songs at our wedding. You rock back and forth and dance to the songs, and clap your hands lots! Sometimes, we get really crazy and get out the bubbles and you go 100% totally nuts. It's funny. 

A few examples of how you never sit still for more than a second:

{you love to climb up on the arm of that chair and give me a heart attack!}

{you still love the iPhone!}

{isn't this a yoga pose?!?}

You just get more and more fun, sweet Ella!! This month was tough because I went back to work, but you love your nanny so it's definitely been harder on me than it has you! We love you and can't wait to see what the next month brings!!

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  1. Super cute blog. I found you through Classic Annie. I'm in the process of decorating my daughter's nursery in navy and pink and I'm so excited to see what you did for Ella's.