Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday

Ohhh heyyy long lost friends! Sorry I disappeared there for a life has been pretty boring and un-blog worthy lately! Is it June yet?!

Miraculously, I did find 5 random things to write about for my Five on Friday!

1. Did you watch the Bachelor on Monday?! This is one of the only shows I am actually all caught up on (besides RHOBH), and as annoying as Whitney's voice was, I'm actually glad she won! 

She works with one of my sorority sisters (how cool is that?!) so I've been rooting for her since I found that out!

2. Not to be Debbie Downer, but am I the only person who is NOT excited about St. Patrick's Day? Now of course, it will be fun to put Ella in a SPD outfit and all, but I am getting a little too old for the whole bar crawl, green beer situation (although, is green wine a thing?! Maybe that's gross.). I think the highlight of my day might be graphing lucky charms with my kiddos, ha! 

3. Do any of you check the daily deals on Woot?! They had a BOB stroller on there for $225 on Monday, so of course I was all over that and got one! But then they emailed me and said they hadn't shown the correct model's picture, and I would be getting an older model instead. I didn't want an older model, so I cancelled my order. But now, I really want a BOB! 

I have tried running with our Britax stroller, and it just doesn't cut it. I ran 2 miles with it yesterday, and I felt like I was running a marathon. It was pretty awful! I'm going to try and get the BOB later today...I'm hoping Buy Buy Baby will let me use a 20% off coupon. I'll report back!

4. I feel like I need to make a little public service announcement here and get something off my chest: 
{Does this drive anyone else crazy or am I just psycho?!} 

Your is a possessive (it belongs to you), as in: I really like YOUR shirt; YOUR brother is kind of attractive; I can't handle how cute YOUR baby is. You're is a contraction; it stands for you are. As in: YOU'RE welcome; YOU'RE crazy; YOU'RE wasting your time telling me this (oh! see how I snuck the other your in there too?!). 
I have no idea why this bugs me so much, but it absolutely drives me nuts when I see people write Your welcome. NOOOO!!!! 

5. Moving on to something a little more positive and less judgmental (oops sorry, at least I admit it!), this weekend has some more fabulous consignment sales in store! Last week, I sold some of Ella's clothes (!!!!) and made over $100 at the Harris YMCA sale! I also have run into someone from our Bunco group at pretty much every sale I've been to thus far, and that just cracks me up. :) So maybe I will see some of you ladies this weekend, too?!

I'll leave you with Ella in her Kissy Kissy pjs that I picked up at a recent consignment sale for $10!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! :) 


  1. You going to the Weddington sale tomorrow?! ;)

  2. AMEN MINDY!!!!! I'm with you on the your & you're.....drives me INSANE!!!!

  3. If green wine isn't a thing let's make it one! Happy Friday! And Ells looks so darling in those Jammies.
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)