Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One Month Favorites

I never really did a whole baby registry post, because I wanted to see what Ella actually liked before I wrote about it. So, here are some things we couldn't live without for Ella's first month of life!

First some essentials....

1. These side snap shirts are the best! I hate putting stuff over her head.
2. We love our Wubbanubs! Ella has the dog, giraffe and lamb :)
3. Ella has been living in these sleeper outfits. My favorites are the Carters Sleep and Plays with ZIPPERS. Snaps get really complicated!
4. These changing pad liners are the most essential thing in this whole post. It is awesome not to have to change the whole changing pad cover every time she has a little accident (which is almost every day). I'm pretty sure I will be buying these for any and every baby shower I attend from here on out. Not the most fab present, but those moms will thank me later! 

Ella doesn't get cranky very much, but these 4 things definitely help during those rare fussy times...

1. Travis' sister got this owl for Ella and she loves it! It helps soothe her when she's in her car seat.
2. Ella loves her bear play mat! During her newborn photo shoot, she actually stopped crying whenever we put her on this! (I promise I'll share pictures soon!)
3. Also crucial during the newborn photo shoot, and in subsequent nights, was this sound machine. It even lulls me to sleep.
4. My parents got Ella this dog, and it plays music and birds chirping, which Ella loves. It usually calms her right down. 

And last but not least, some super glamorous essentials for me...postpartum care is not pretty, friends. 

1. Hospital squirt bottle. I may or may not still occasionally use this thing. I actually stole 2 from the hospital (don't tell!) and have the other one in Ella's room for especially dirty diaper changes.
2. Soothies Gel Pads....helped my poor, sore boobs A TON.
3. Mesh underwear. I literally cried when I ran out and had to wear real underwear again.
4. Yes I am still sleeping with my pregnancy pillow. Is that fine?! 


  1. We are pro zippered jammies and anti snaps - they are WAY too complicated!

  2. I tossed my pillow as soon as she popped out. It was sooo gross! lol!! Zippers are key!

  3. Those waterproof liners are ah-mazing! I agree it is the best gift that you'll never ask for! I too was a fan of the mesh undies.

  4. So, so good to hear your take on the waterproof liners. We do have some of those on our registry! Especially once I get my snazzy gold polka dot changing pad cover in the mail, I know I will want to keep that one on but have it be protected from accidents! (PS: I have heard the squirt bottles are amaaaazing)