Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday!

Was this not the longest week ever?! I'm not complaining, more time with my teeny tiny peanut, but still! 
Anyways, I'm linking up again to share 5 things! :)

1. I finally broke down Tuesday and got a new computer!

This is my first Mac and I'm still trying to figure out how to work this thing, but so far, I LOOOOVE it! Much better than my 6 year old virus-plauged PC, for sure!

2. I forgot to mention in my last post, that last Saturday night was my first night out without Ella! I went with some friends for sushi and to one of those wine and design classes. 

I had lots of fun, drank some wine and made a pretty picture. But of course, I did miss my sweet girl (don't worry, she was in excellent hands with her dad though)!

3. I am SO excited for March Madness to start on Sunday! I think Ella is pretty excited too...this was her watching the ACC tournament last night with her dad. She was mesmerized! 

{And yes, I know the AAP says no TV for children under 2...sorry!}

4. If you have a Gap card (or even if you don't), get yourself there ASAP! Everything is 40% off (30% off if you don't have a Gap card), even sale stuff! I picked up a whole bunch of stuff yesterday (because Ella totally needs more clothes)! My personal fav? This little chambray shirt!
I happen to have one juuuuustt like it and I'm overly excited for us to match!

5. Where is spring? I am so over winter. Our neighborhood is lined with these pretty trees and it just doesn't seem fair to look at them while wearing a winter coat! 

Happy Friday! 


  1. Your hair looks amazing!!! Love the sunnies!

  2. i love my mac! you will just keep loving it more and more! and I am so excited to head to gap tomorrow! been waiting all week!!

  3. We totally ignored the no tv warnings when it came to sports! Jay let Holden stay up late to watch the game the other night :) So good for you to go out without baby and leave the hubby in charge. We started that early and it is so good for my soul to trust Jay completely and so good for him to feel confident as a daddy. I'm amazed at how many husbands have never been alone with their children!

  4. I just replaced my 5 year old PC with a MAC for Christmas and love it too!! Definitely takes some getting used to though!

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