Monday, March 31, 2014

Life with Ella {week 8}

Sorry that all I write about anymore is Ella. I really do try to think of other things to write about...but....yeah. It doesn't happen!

The good news is that I'm down 4-5ish more pounds (thanks to 2 weeks of running!) and I am wearing jeans that zip for the first time since, oh, August. Exciting times!

Here's a glimpse at our past week.

Monday I was pretty much ready to lose. my. mind. Travis had been in Vegas since the previous Wednesday and I was going crazy. Hats off to any and all single parents out there...I could never do it!!! I literally cried when my husband walked in the door Monday night. 

Ella was pretty excited to see him too, and even helped him unpack his travel pillow...

Tuesday was kind of a rainy day, so we went on about 239472 errands.
Here is little peanut in my favorite section of the grocery store (remember my pregnancy cravings?!).

It's fun running errands with this smiley face in the backseat!

Wednesday, we went to Ikea. Yes, I am crazy. Poor Elle had baskets sitting on top of her stroller. It was a little ridiculous, but we survived. 

On Thursday, we had a hot date with Ella's friend, baby Carter. He was born exactly 25 hours after Ella, and he and his mom were in the hospital room next to ours! (We knew them before this, though.)

We took them to Bad Daddy's for lunch and then walked around Freedom Park! It's always nice to talk with a mom who is in the exact same stage of baby-hood (if there is such a thing) as you!

On Friday, we had another girls' lunch with Frankie and Caitlin!

Friday also marked the first day Ella took a nap in her crib (annnnnd she hasn't since, whoops). I don't think she really "slept" very much, but hopefully we can practice some more this week!

And of course, what would a start to the weekend be without dressing up in some basketball team's colors and cheering for them? Since UNC and Mercer were both out of the tournament, we were now pulling for Michigan State (I grew up in Lansing and my mom went to grad school there)! We also were cheering for Michigan, because, why not?!

Just like last week, Friday was a good basketball day for us, Sunday not so much.

We had an incredibly lazy weekend full of doing almost nothing...
We did a little online shopping...

...went to Cantina 1511 with Kathryn...

...and snuggled lots! Look at those eyelashes!

The snuggling continued on Sunday, when I got out of the shower to find this:

Melt. my. heart.
{Don't worry, Ella does not normally sleep in bed with us!}

Ella continued to spend lots of time this weekend with her dad, by helping him check out Inside Carolina last night. He swore she was "reading;" her eyes were moving left to right!

And yes, I know iPads are probably bad for babies' eyes. But aren't we impressed that my 8 week old is reading already?!

I'm so glad the weather is warming up this week! I foresee lots of trips to the park...including one this afternoon!


  1. 8 weeks already?! Jeesh! You guys are such busy bees.... love her smile!

  2. Love how busy you stay!! And yes, her eyelashes are perfect!!!