Monday, September 9, 2013

My Football-Infested Weekend

Prepare yourselves, ladies (and gentlemen), because this is the most football-filled post ever. It's a little ridiculous....

Friday night we drove up to Chapel Hill (note: car rides over 30 minutes are already not fun, unless you consider stopping 20487592 times to pee fun), for the football game on Saturday!!!


Before the game, we stopped in a store on Franklin Street to buy our little peanut some UNC attire! We plan on returning the one we won't need...but OMG how cute are both of these little outfits?! 

Then it was time for the game! Thankfully, our seats were in the shade, but it was still hot! I did feel some little flutters in my belly...I think Baby likes football!!!

If that wasn't enough, when I was at a party watching the Michigan vs Notre Dame game (yayyyyy, go BLUE!), Travis texted me saying we got free tickets to the Panthers game Sunday!

So, more football...yay.

Our friends, Grady and Brittiany were in town and invited us to this fancy tailgate! They had cornhole games with scoreboards, and on the inside of the building was a huge TV and leather couches! If only it was air-conditioned....

Our seats were awesome, too! We were in the third row!

It was SOOOOO freaking hot!!! I've never sweated so much in my life. I can't imagine being prego during the summer (like, 6+ months prego) hands and feet were starting to swell, my rings wouldn't come off and it was a little painful! Thankfully, all of the swelling went down once I got home and cooled off. 

So. I've had enough football for a while I'm pretty sure....

Oh but wait. What am I doing now? Watching Monday Night Football. If Alfred Morris scores more than 2 points, I'll win both of my fantasy matchups this week! 
Did I really just type that?!?!?!? 
Who am I?!?!


  1. I heart football. But............I'm an SEC girl ;) Best conference in the country! WOOT!!

  2. Those two outfits - I need!! Baby loves the Tarheels already :) And football...maybe it is a boy?!