Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bumpdate {21 weeks and gender reveal!}

Here's the news you all have been waiting for (or at least, I have)...
Baby Ferg is a GIRL!!!!

I know, I can't believe it either!! 

I was soooo convinced  it was a boy (thanks to the stupid ring test that was not accurate!)...but remember way back when, I did originally think it was a girl?! Travis also was positive it was a girl this whole time, so I'm glad at least one of us was right! I'm still adjusting to the fact that we are having a girl (I know I've said this 20842 times, but I was just SO sure it was a boy! Sorry baby girl!), but I am SOOOO excited to have a little shopping buddy!!!

{It's true...girls do steal the mom's least I have an excuse for looking so terrible in most of these pictures!}

Size of baby: a pomegranate
Weight gain: My scale at home is still reading around 133, even though I weighed 134 at the doctor last week. So, I’ll say I’m still at 14ish pounds gained.   
Maternity clothes: Yes…love those maternity jeans! The bump is getting harder and harder to hide, so I finally broke down on Wednesday and told my students. We played Hangman on the SmartBoard to figure out my secret, and of course they all started screaming when they knew what it said. 

They all were 100% sure I was having a girl, too!
Gender: IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!! WHAATTTTTTT...I can’t believe it! I still keep checking the ultrasound picture to make sure! But there's definitely no boy part on there (and no I'm not posting the ultrasound pic of my little lady's crotch on the internet)!
Movement: More and more little kicks from this sweet girl. I felt her kicking at school this week…before, the only times I would feel anything was lying in bed. 
Cravings: Same old….pasta, mac and cheese, ice cream, pickles, fruit snacks 
Symptoms: A little heartburn, some stomach (gas) pains, but nothing too bad. Honestly, I was so busy this week with school and the gender reveal party, I had no time to feel any symptoms!
Workouts: I ran 16 miles this week, which was a small miracle because my allergies were acting up Monday-Wednesday and I could barely breathe! Running did help them somewhat, though.
Sleep: Still some tossing and turning, and getting up multiple times to pee. I also have lost the ability to sleep in on weekends! Ugh!
What I miss: I really, really, really needed some major allergy meds this week! Thankfully, my doctor said I could take Claritin, but I would have taken more than 1 per day had I not been prego. 
Best moment this week: I think you already know….finding out this peanut is a little GIRL!!!! Our party was amazing and I can’t wait to get our pics back from our photographers. 
Looking forward to: I’m so excited to go shopping for this little princess!! 


  1. exciting! I was convinced Shelby was a boy too! Exciting and adorable cake. Congrats!

  2. Yay for having a shopping buddy!!! And pshhh, you always look great!!

  3. Oh my gosh.... YAY! How exciting! Of course I'm TOTALLY biased, but girls are just the best :)
    You look amazing!

  4. I was convinced Sophia was a boy too...even after she was born (but it was a surprise until then). I love the nursery ideas you have been pinning. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!