Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Losing My Mind/Fav Etsy Vendors!

The big day is getting SOOOOOO close! 10 days away, to be exact!!!! EIYIYI!!! 
People are starting to come into town on Tuesday (yay NATALIE!! and my parents!!), and I feel like my to-do list is still about 8 miles long! There's all of these dumb last minute details (i.e. escort cards and something to put them on) and logistical issues (where is Travis going to sleep the night before? and where will the groomsmen take pictures before the ceremony--if I can even convince them to take pictures then??). 
Combine that with packing up my classroom (last day is Friday, whoop, whoop!), mentally preparing to move up to 2nd grade next year (can I get a hell yeah?!?), oh, and getting things for Travis' birthday tomorrow....I'm basically losing my mind!!!! 

I'm trying to focus on the real meaning behind our wedding day, but it's hard with all of this other crap to deal with!! Thank goodness for wine, great friends, and a very "even-keel" fiance!

But, I did want to share some of my favorite Etsy vendors with you today! Etsy (like Pinterest) has been such a help with this wedding planning process!!! All of the things I either didn't feel like making, or wasn't able to make, I just bought off Etsy!!!

First, I bought some of my bridesmaids' gifts from Etsy....but shhhhh can't share those yet!! :) They read this blog! 

But I also bought.....

My UNC garter! From Sew Unique Garters

A custom hanger for my wedding dress like this one! From CustomWeddingHangers

Tasting forks! From LazyLightningArt

Earrings that I might wear! From Poetry
*Bonus: She even sent me a 10% coupon for my next purchase from her!! :)

A sparkly headband for the reception! From SunKiss Bridal

And last but not least, my incredible veil! From Southern Artistic Veils. It was so much more affordable than the one at the bridal salon, and Maria did an incredible job!! Like, when I went in for my final fitting, the seamstress was sooo impressed with it!!!

Thanks Etsy!!! :)

This could potentially be the very last Wedding Wednesday post--or last blog post even--before the big day!! I'm going to try to write something next week, but with people in town, and my life getting even more out of control, I might not see this blog till we're newlyweds and back from ARUBA!! :) 
Catch ya later alligators!! 

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