Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Back...and I'm MARRIED!!

OH HIIIIIIIII there friends! Wayyyy long time, no talk! Last time you heard from me, I was losing my mind! But I'm not that's always good news.

Anyways...guess what?? 
I got mahhrriieeed! 

I bet you had no clue...haha!

I definitely want to tell you all the details about my wedding day...but I'm going to be super annoying and save it for a special "Wedding Wednesday" post tomorrow! (Don't hate me, k?)

But before the wedding, was WEDDING WEEK (obvi), so today, I'll tell you all about that (in list form because my life house is a little out of control right now, and lists calm me down a bit).

-I started off the week by packing up my entire classroom. In one day. Actually, like 4 hours. I was on a mission!!! (I'm terrified for August when I have to face the mess I left for myself!)

-Natalie flew in Tuesday and we immediately got to work:

First, we obviously had to take pictures by giant bulldogs. Standard. 
And, then we had to return the cheapo sparklers I thought I should buy. 
**BRIDES TO BE: DO NOT buy bamboo sparklers...I've read they can catch your dress on fire!! Much better to spend a little extra on the metal ones.

-Next we had to stalk the weather religiously, so it didn't change... Mexican food (duh)...

...and also bake 100 tarheel sugar cookies. Which completely destroyed my kitchen. And that was only the start of my house being messy....

-Thursday was Natalie's birthday, so naturally we celebrated by doing stuff for my wedding (she's a good friend!). We had to deliver all of the stuff for the reception to Bentley's, which was a MAJOR project! 

Luckily, we mentioned to one of the staff that it was Natalie's birthday, and he brought her some creme brule! 

After we returned from Bentley's, Kathryn, sensing the stress in all of this, sent over cupcakes to my house with a note that said "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake!" She is is the best! :)

Friday was pedicures and the rehearsal dinner! 

{I love my friends in this picture LOL}

{love my bridesmaids!}

{Please excuse my soon-to-be-hubby's tiger have NO idea...I mean...seriously...longest story ever...I hate that stupid thing!}

Didn't Caitlin and her friend do a bangin' job on the groom's cake?!?!? WOW!! Travis loved it and it was better than I even imagined!

-Before I knew it, it was after midnight on my wedding day and time to go to sleep!!

{And why, yes, I did take a screen shot on my wedding day! Of course!}

You'll get more pics and such of the wedding day tomorrow!!! 
Get excited!!! :)

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