Monday, February 13, 2012

Mountain Getaway!

Like I mentioned yesterday, every year we go to the mountains for Valentine's Day weekend. Last year was the *best* because we got engaged, so it was going to be hard to beat that this year! We found a Living Social deal for this place in the mountains with all meals included AND 4 bottles of wine!!!!! So, we bought it immediately...and just used it this past weekend for our mountain getaway 2012! 

We stayed at the Vance Toe River Lodge, which is this super cute place wayyy in the middle of BFE. But we had so much fun!!! 
{Please excuse the shoddy iPhone pics, I realized my camera battery had died as soon as we got there! Fail!}
{our cozy room}

{the main part of the lodge where we ate and hung out}

{our 4 bottles of wine!}

Friday night, after we had settled into our room, we had the most amazing dinner! I wanted to take pictures, but I didn't want to be the weirdo taking pictures at the dinner table (we had to eat at a communal table with the other guests staying there, and I didn't want to scare them off right away, haha!).

On Saturday, we woke up and it had starting snowing! The roads weren't too bad yet, so we decided to take a quick trip down to Linville Falls to go for a little hike! Now, I am obviously NOT an "outdoors" girl, so when I say hike, what I mean is "let me put on my Ugg boots and we'll go walk on a pretty trail for about a mile". 

Here are some pics from our gorgeous "hike" around Linville Falls:

I tried to take about 49273465 pictures of Trav and me, but it was so cold and windy up there, that this is what most of them looked like:

Hahahah, I don't think this is the best look for either of us! And good God, do I need to start getting Botox ASAP!!

After our big hike, we went back to the lodge for lunch. It had started snowing pretty bad, plus we had to watch the UNC game, so we just stayed around the lodge for the rest of the day. We met some new friends who were also from Charlotte and the 6 of us just hung out all day, trying to watch movies, talking about weddings, and drinking lots of wine! It was very fun and relaxing! 

Before dinner, the owner of the lodge, Cleve, let us all have a free wine tasting in their winery! I tried the most amazing peach Chardonnay! The bad part is that the lodge is in a dry county, so you can only buy the wine there! They don't sell it in stores! Guess we'll just have to go back! 

It was an amazingly relaxing weekend! Just what Trav and I needed! Now...back to unpacking those boxes! UGH! 

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