Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ella Grace {2 weeks}

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments regarding Ella's birth story! I'm glad I didn't scare off too many people, haha! 

The crazy hormones have gone (yay!) and we have been pretty busy in week 2 of sweet Ella's little life!

First and foremost, we all survived the snowpocalypse last week.

I was super excited for Ella's first snow; we even did a little snow cheer (#crazymom)! 

{this pic is my fav, haha}

Ella, on the other hand, HATED the snow. We tried to take her out on both Wednesday....

and Thursday...

and she decided this snow stuff was not enjoyable. 

Bless her little Southern heart. 

At least our house looked pretty!

Ella also got to meet her very first cockroach this week (ewwww!). Welcome to warmer weather in Charlotte, Ella Grace.

Friday was her first holiday (Valentine's Day!) and we had a little photo shoot and sent pictures to all of her little boyfriends.

Trav also got me these beautiful roses. 

And Ella got a few Valentines herself :)

Our sweet girl slept for 6 hours straight twice this past week, which is super exciting! She is only getting up once per night and eating like a champ! 

Just when I think she can't get any cuter...she does! 
Can't wait to see what week 3 of her little life will bring...hopefully no more snow!