Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bumpdate {32 weeks}

Well, I had this {almost} ready to post last night....after a 25 minute photo shoot (it is so hard to get a good pic these days!) I finally got a semi-decent picture. Then I went to upload it here and discovered my camera card was corrupt! So after a quick trip to Target for a new memory card and another 20 minute photo shoot, week 32 is now ready. I know you've been worried. 

But the good news is, I figured out how to take a vertical picture by propping up my camera so you can see my extra-huge belly (and ass)! Yay!

Size of baby: A squash…which I’m pretty sure she was 3 weeks ago, but she does weigh almost 4 pounds now!
Weight gain: Still hanging out around 27 pounds gained. 
Maternity clothes: Yes, and that’s pretty much ALL I can wear these days…no regular clothes for me (except for sweats). My regular-sized t-shirts are also getting reallllly snug.
Gender: A GIRL!
Movement: I feel like she has been moving more and more everyday and I love it! Her little movements are pretty frequent, and if I don’t feel her move at that moment, I just have to wait about 20-30 minutes for some action and she delivers (before, I felt like I wouldn’t feel her move for hours at a time)! She’s continuing to roll more, rather than kick, but sometimes her not-so-subtle rolls stop me dead in my tracks—like she’s punching me in the gut!
Cravings: After seeing all of these Jimmy John’s commercials on TV, I have officially decided that a Turkey Tom will be my first meal once I give birth. With a glass of {real} wine.
Symptoms: The nausea has been better this week! What has not improved: frequent peeing, some Braxton Hicks contractions, and super, super, SUPER dry skin.  My skin is drier now that it was when I swam in college…and if you’re a swimmer, you know what chlorine will do to your skin, especially in the winter.
Workouts: Walked 15 miles on an incline. It’s definitely getting tougher (yes, I ran a marathon a year ago and now I can barely walk!), so I may have to either eliminate the incline, or do fewer miles pretty soon.
Sleep: I’m back to not being able to fall asleep again! UGH! Sleep is fab once I actually fall asleep….except the whole getting-up-to-pee thing.
What I miss: Being able to tie my shoes, shave my legs, etc. without this belly getting in the way!
Best moment this week: All of my Amazon and Buy Buy Baby purchases have slowly been rolling in this week…which mean maj nursery progress has been made! She now has not only a crib, but a mattress, crib skirt and sheets…and a new dresser! 
Looking forward to: Eeeeek I still can’t wait for that ultrasound on Wednesday!!!! 


  1. You look great! I didn't know you swam in college--me too! That chlorine does a number on skin and hair. UGH! Have fun at your ultrasound!

  2. I agree with Sara and you looked amazing in person last night - you rock the prego belly so well!! So happy to finally meet you at the ornament exchange!