Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year, Trav and I decided to host Thanksgiving at our house for both of our families...while it was a little stressful getting the house ready for everyone, it was so nice not to have to travel anywhere and sit in traffic!

As I mentioned in my last post, I also got an early Christmas present....a new camera that I have no clue how to use! Here's proof/pics from our crazy Thanksgiving:

Of course there was lots of football! Don't act like you're surprised.

My father-in-law deep-fries the turkey every year and it is delish!!

My brother's dog, Luna, waiting patiently for her turkey...

{Trav carving the turkey}

{some yummy food!}

{I got so many compliments on this salad! It was REALLY good!}

{more of the spread...please notice that A. I have no tablescape going on whatsoever, and B. I only have 6 "nice" napkins, so 2 people had to use paper napkins. #hostessfail 
I'm pregnant and that's totally my excuse for the lack of Martha-Stewartness going on here. Deal with it.}

My mom tried to take this pic...clearly she doesn't know how to use my new camera either ;)

{My saving grace...alcohol-free wine!}

{My plate! Baby liked the food, but would have loved some pasta or tomatoes thrown in there!}

{Travis was obsessed with my brother's dog. He took her for like 38 walks. I clearly need to work on the "night photography" thing.}

After dinner, we did the ring test, because I still can't believe I am having a girl! And guess what?! It went in circles this time...which means girl (before it went back and forth). My brother, the skeptic tried it out on my mom and the ring did nothing...he's a believer in the ring test now!

We also managed to get Travis liquored up to take our pic for our Christmas card! Here's an just makes me laugh...

{father and son enjoying the fire-pit post Christmas card photo shoot}

The next day, Sue and I kept our annual tradition and hit the mall for some Black Friday shopping!

Saturday, we went to the last (Thank you, Jesus) UNC football game of the season! 

Crazy to think next time we'll be back at Kenan Stadium will be with our baby!

PS...those last 3 pics were taken on my phone, in case you were wondering :)

And Sunday, I decorated our house for Christmas!

Now we just have to get our Christmas tree! We were planning to go to the mountains this weekend...but the weather SUCKS

Thoughts? Should we still go? Anywhere good in Charlotte to get a tree??


  1. Your Thanksgiving looked like such a good time! Can't wait to get your card :)

  2. Your house looks SO darling! I wish I had more windows on the front of our house...I'm dying to hang wreaths on them!

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures! Your Christmas decorations look so good!! Definitely check out The Hunter Farm if you decide not to go; it isn't the NC mountains but they had nice trees and were so friendly!