Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lately | October

Okay, okay. I realize it's not quite October yet, but I wanted to do my monthly "Lately" post today so I could link up for What's Up Wednesday!

Wearing: Fall clothes, FINALLY!!! And since it's been raining for almost a week straight here in Charlotte, I've been living in these:

Reading: I'm currently in the middle of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and I am so inspired to get rid of everything I own!

My house really is full of wayyy too much clutter. I just need about 204 more hours in each day to get it done. 

Thinking: WHEN will it stop raining?!?!? #overit

Craving: Lots of soup and chili on these dreary days! I made Chesson's White Chicken Chili on Sunday and it was delicious!! 

Loving: That in a little over a week, we will {finally!} be at the beach!

{look at my little beach babe last year! can't wait to take tons more pics this year!}

Watching: I'm totally addicted to Ladies of London.

These ladies are exquisite and I'm obsessed with anything British. Every week, I want to go on vacation (or I believe, they call it "holiday"?) there immediately. Who wants to come with me?!

Planning: Still planning Kathryn's baby shower!!

{quick pic of some party favors!}

It's this weekend, and I'll be sure to share lots of pics next week!

Happy {almost} October!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Girl Clothes Sizing

We had a very rainy weekend, and did a whole bunch of nothing. 
Something I did do, though, was go through Ella's clothes and figure out what fits her and what doesn't. I got really frustrated in the difference in sizes between all of the different brands, so I thought I share my findings in case any of you are in the same boat as me. 

Probably a really boring post, but I mostly need this info for myself....and if I ever have another kid!

First, here is a little chart I found on Pinterest. Kind of helpful, but does not include a lot of boutique brands, or anything above 24 months (which Ella is almost out of).

So, for any of you wondering, here is a little list of how I think the following brands fit (and in parenthesis, I included what size my 28 pound, 33 inch child wears most comfortably). I also tried to include a few pictures of her in certain brands (taken within the last month). 

Bailey Boys: True to size to slightly small (24 months)

Banana Split: Runs really small (2T)

{this is 24 months and it's already too short!}

Blanks Boutique: Fairly big!! (2Ts are swallowing Ella right now...not sure if they make a 24 month size?)

Carter's: True to size, sometimes just a teensy bit small (24 months)

Carter's for Target (Just One You): Runs small (2T)

Cherokee (Target brand): Runs really small (2T but could probably even do a 3T)

Classic Whimsy: Runs HUGE! (18 months)

{this dress is actually 12 months!}

Gap: Probably the most true to size brand out there. I used to think it ran big when Ella was a little peanut, but now it is spot on. (18-24 months)

Gerber: Runs really small (24 months, or even 2T if they make that size in this brand?)

Gymboree: Runs slightly small (18-24 months, or even 2T)

Hanna Andersson: Runs slightly generous (80cm)

H&M: Runs BIG! (We don't have a lot in this brand, but Ella can still fit in a 6-9 month top from last year)

Janie and Jack: Runs slightly small (similar to Gymboree; they are owned by the same company) (18-24 months, or even 2T)

Jetterbugs: Runs true to size (24 months)

Kelly's Kids: Runs big (18 months)

{this is 18 months}

Lilly Pulitzer: Runs super small (Ella was out of the 12-18 month dresses by she's in XS/2-3)

Lolly Wolly Doodle: Runs true to size (24 months, but Ella can still wear a few 6-12 month jumpers from last year, although we are wearing them as shirts/tunics this year!)

Matilda Jane: Runs slightly small (2)

{this is a 2 and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a longer shirt, not a dress}

Monag (a brand used by some shops on Etsy): Runs SUPER small (2T)

Mud Pie: Runs small (2T)

Old Navy: Runs similar to Gap...pretty true to size (18-24 months)

{this is 12-18 months but it's getting a little short}

Petite Palace: Runs big (18 months)

Peaches N Cream: Runs true to size (24 months)

Ralph Lauren/Polo: Runs small (2T)

Remember Nguyen: Runs true to size (2T)

Rosalina: One of the most quality-made smocked brands. True to size to slightly large (18 months)

Shrimp and Grits Kids: Runs really true to size (although, if you buy used S&G, keep in mind they changed their size charts a few years ago, so some of the used/consigned clothes in this brand can run really BIG) (24 months)

Smocked Auctions: Runs true to size to slightly big (18 months, but Ella can still fit in their 9 month dresses from last year)

{this is 18 months}

Southern Sunshine Kids: Same as Smocked Auctions (18 months)

Southern Tots: True to size (24 months)

Stellybelly: ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS! (Ella can still fit in their 12 month bubbles, which is just unheard of.)

Three Sisters: Runs true to size (24 months)

{this is 24 months}

Tucker + Tate: Runs true to size to slightly small (24 months)

Vive La Fete: Very true to size (24 months)

{this is 24 months}

Zara: Runs very, very small (18-24 months, or even 2-3 years)

{this is 18-24 months and it's getting a little tight!}

Zutano: Runs small (2T)

Whew! Sorry that was so many, and so boring! Ha! But hopefully that is somewhat helpful if you are like me and like to buy clothes a few seasons ahead! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Five on Friday

One of these days, I'm going to be better about posting more than weekend recaps and 5 on Fridays...but today is not that day. Sorry! Let's get to it!

1. I actually turned my heat on in my car (albeit for about 10 seconds) yesterday! I was so excited!! These cooler temps also mean more outside runs for me and my favorite running buddy!

2. Speaking of running outside...I have a PSA: When you are driving, pedestrians have the right of way. That means, as a driver, you must yield to them. I was running the other day (with Ella in the BOB) across a major 4 lane road. I had the walk sign, but some cars were turning right. The first car signaled to let me go, but then the second car tried to cut me off! Ummmm excuse me! And then, the passenger in that car had the audacity to yell at me "That's real smart!" like I was doing something wrong and putting my child in danger. Oh, I was SOOOO mad! I screamed back at her "PEDESTRIANS HAVE TO RIGHT OF WAY!" Hello, not only did I have the walk sign, but the car in front of you was letting me go. So clearly, I'm not the dumb one here, lady. 
Just a friendly reminder, be nice to runners when driving! ;)

3. Tiny Prints has a 50% off deal on Groupon going on now! I'm certainly not one to rush through fall, but being the Christmas-card-obsessed person that I am, I was of course all over this deal and have already been perusing their selection of Christmas cards! Here are some contenders (although I don't even have a potential Christmas card photo yet, so these could change):

4. The first day of fall was Wednesday (in case you have been living under a rock) and if you think that means Ella will be wearing pumpkin outfits nonstop until Halloween, you'd be correct!

5. I made this She Crab Soup on Sunday...

Trav requested I added shrimp to it, so I threw in a bag of cooked frozen shrimp...delicious! Plus, it ended up making 3 nights worth of dinner for us!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Our weekend in Chapel Hill

This weekend, we hit the road for Chapel Hill! Ella was so excited to go to her Grandma and Papa's house!

As soon as we got there, Ella got a present from her grandparents! She loves her new Elmo book (of course)!

She also loved playing with the cat!

Before dinner on Friday, we stopped at the UNC student store on campus. How funny is this chick in a blue wig?! 

She just loves spending time with her grandparents!

Ella was also super excited to see the "clock" (aka bell tower) that she recognized from several of her UNC books!

For dinner, we ate at Crook's Corner. Not the most child-friendly place, but the food was delicious!

Ella thoroughly enjoyed her rice and french fries (the only kid-friendly foods that I knew she would eat on the menu)!

Saturday morning, it was time for tailgating and football!

Ella loved watching the game with her Dad! She was excited to see Rameses on the jumbotron!

What a great fan! ;)
And what a perfect day for a football game!

So, Ella is obsessed with UNC's mascot Rameses. She loves him! She couldn't believe he was really at the game in real life. It was all fun and games until I tried to take her picture with him...and then she totally freaked out. Maybe next time?!

During the second half, Ella started to get a little rambunctious (more than usual), so we took a little walk around the stadium.

When we came back, she was refocused and ready to watch more football with Daddy. 

I just love that picture! (and yes, she wanted to wear his old, smelly hat!)

Yesterday, we came home from Chapel Hill, ran a bajillion errands, and did more football-watching with Daddy!

{Yep, her shirt says "I watch ESPN with my daddy." Totally appropriate!}

Hope you had a great weekend also!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday!

1. Our power randomly went out on Wednesday around 11:30 AM and did not get turned back on until 3 the next morning!!!! I have NO clue why it went out, but our entire street was black. 
I had all of these things I needed to do on Wednesday such as: run on treadmill, print off stuff for tutoring, vacuum...but I could not do any of those things!!! Ahhhhhh. It was kind of awful.
As soon as Ella was up from her nap, I drove immediately to Starbucks to pick up this guy...

and then to Chick Fil-A to get dinner. #momoftheyear

2. The good news with being without power all day is that I got lots done for Kathryn's baby shower!!

I'm slightly obsessed with this fabric I ordered for a special surprise thing I am making...I'll share soon, promise (if it turns out ok, that is)!

3. Ella FINALLY had her 18 month checkup yesterday (yes, she turned 18 months on August 3). Girlfriend is ginormous! She is now 33.2" long (76 %ile) and a whopping 28 pounds (93 %ile)!! What the heck happened to my little peanut?!

The doctor said she is perfectly healthy though, and growing just fine. And she calmed down once she discovered Elmo was on her band-aids.

4. I'm starting to get a little obsessed with this moms Facebook group we have here in Charlotte! This week, I got 2 of the greatest purchases ever off it...

a Dyson vacuum for $10

...and a magnetic Leap Frog thing with farm animals for $3! 

Ella is slightly obsessed with both of these; only wish I had discovered them sooner!

5. We are off to Chapel Hill later today!

We skipped out on last week's game because it was rainy (but she still got to watch the game with her boyfriend!), but I am excited to hit up Franklin Street with my fav Rameses-loving little lady!

Have a great weekend everyone!