Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bumpdate {17 weeks}

As per usual, this is a little tardy for the party. The first two days of school have me completely worn. out. I am so tired I can barely type this. Teaching while pregnant is no joke, kids. 

{August 23...and yes, I know my hair looks turrrrrble}

17 weeks (August 23)

Size of baby: an onion
Weight gain: Ok…the official weight at the doctor’s last Monday was 129. Which means I have gained 9 pounds. Yikes!!! I saw another doctor (an older man) this visit, and he said I needed to watch my weight gain! My mom says I’m fine. My real doctor said I could gain 35+ pounds…so who knows. I just hope its more evenly paced from here on out (pretty sure I gained most of this in like one week). 
Maternity clothes: Some shirts and pants, but I can still wear most of my regular shirts and dresses; and pants with the belly band. 
Gender: still going back and forth, but leaning towards boy now. 
Movement: I didn’t really feel the “gas bubbles” much this week, but hopefully that will pick up in this next week!
Cravings: Same....pasta, pickles, ice cream, Mac & cheese, cereal, berries
Symptoms: Just this round ligament pain that has flat out stopped me in my tracks a few times! 
Workouts: I only ran 4 times this week for a total 16 miles. It’s starting to get a little harder and my belly and boobs bouncing don’t help. Haha!
Sleep: Good! Going back to school has worn me out! Just getting up to pee a few times per night still…
What I miss: I came home from school on Friday and reallllllllllyyyy needed a stiff drink (or 5). Luckily, I went for a run instead and it relieved my stress just as well!
Best moment this week: Hearing baby’s heartbeat at the doctor. It was Trav’s first time hearing it, since he was out of town for my last appointment. Heartrate was 154. 
Looking forward to: Surviving the first week of school….hopefully these 4th graders won’t ask too many questions; I’m not ready to tell them about baby Ferg yet! 

K, I'm going to bed 7 PM. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom Tour

Ok, so I know I had said I'd have these up a few days ago, but I have been so crazy busy and stressed out that I'm just now getting around to it! is my fourth grade classroom! Ready for all 24 (yes 24 and it could be more by tomorrow) students!! If some things look familiar, it's because yes, I did basically just copy my room from last year and set it up in another school! There's only so much I can do these days, people!

{hallway bulletin board}

{view from the door}

{Yay! Lots of storage this year!}

{The walls are like one big I had to make this big "bulletin board" for the word wall myself! It was kind of a maj project}

{More closets! These are where the kids will put their backpacks and coats. The owls above have study habits on the left are my morning & dismissal checklists and take home book checkout. THINK poster can be found here.}

{My reading area! The books on the black shelf and on top of the wood shelves are leveled A-Z, then the books underneath are sorted by theme. This only took me 7 years to do. Ha!}

{my desk area}

{school supplies, student data-in the metal crate-and teacher books/resources galore!}

{I know there is no "calendar" time in 4th grade, but I have to have a calendar so I know what day it is! All of my manuals are on the shelves below.}

{back board...with more shelves for textbooks and math manips underneath}

{I'm loving my behavior chart this year! My kids also seemed to like the Voice Levels poster when they came for open house! And we are reading the "Have you Filled A Bucket Today?" book tomorrow!}

{Close up of a student's desk! I've already assigned and passed out most of their textbooks because I don't have enough shelf space! These kids have A LOT of books! They also got the Starbursts for coming to open house! The word search is their morning work for tomorrow...quite a change from my old school! Don't judge me.}

{view from my desk}

{another view from the reading area}

I hope I'm ready for all of these kids!!! 
Good luck to all of the other teachers who are also starting school tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bumpdate {16 weeks}

I am just now posting this because I have been SO insanely busy with school stuff! Hopefully, I can post pics of my classroom by Thursday/Friday, so y'all can see what I've been up to lately! :)

{August 15}

Pretty sure my weekly pics are getting worse...I am apparently having the worst hair day ever here and my face is super red (and fat) for some reason? I would really like to be one of those chicks who gets prettier with pregnancy...come on, Baby Ferg!! Get it together!

PS...I def wrote the following on Friday.
(Which is why I keep referencing Monday, aka yesterday, as in the future!)

Size of baby: an avocado
Weight gain: The scale is (thankfully) still at the same place as last week, about 6-8 lbs. total. I'll find out for sure what the damage is at my doctor's appointment Monday.
Maternity clothes: I broke in my maternity jeans this week, and they. are. awesome. I might need to buy some more!!!
Gender: still confused and waiting for September 21...
Movement: I felt a few more gas bubbles/flutters, but it's been kinda inconsistent and I'm still not sure if it really is the baby. Can't wait for the jabs!!
Cravings: Same....pasta, pickles, ice cream, Mac & cheese, cereal, berries
Symptoms: The morning sickness is finally over (I think...knock on wood)!!!! I haven't taken a zofran in over a week, so I hope it's really gone!!! I am starting to have more consistent round ligament pain and headaches though. But those are better than nausea!
Workouts: 4 miles x 5 days at 10:00 mile pace. Still feeling pretty good with the running! We shall see how long I can keep this up!
Sleep: Really good, other than getting up to pee. I've been trying to get myself back on more of a routine, and I've been able to fall asleep by like 11!
What I miss: mornings sickness...hahahaha, I kid! Nothing really this week, I'm doing pretty good!
Best moment this week: getting my classroom moved and organized!! Such a relief to have that out of the way!! Thanks again to my amazing family!! Baby Ferg appreciates you not letting me do any heavy lifting!!
Looking forward to: Hearing baby's heartbeat at the doctor's on sound ever!!! And meeting my students at open house Thursday!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five!!

I'm linking up again to share my 5 thoughts for this rainy Friday!!

1. I've been super productive this week working in my new classroom!!! Shout out to my mom, dad and sister in law for helping me move all of my crap on Monday from one school to the other!!! My new classroom was a mess, to say the least....last year it was a "storage room" of sorts and had so much random stuff, I was super overwhelmed! Here's the before:

PS- all of those cabinets were FULL of stuff!!!

I'm nowhere near done, but here's what my room looked like today before I left:

Hopefully by the end of next week I'll be ready for some kiddies!!!

2. My friend invited me to an Arbonne party this past week, and I must say, I was kinda impressed! The company is kind of like a European Mary Kay (selling face wash, lotions, makeup, etc.). We had to wash our faces and put a bunch of products on, and when I got home, I swear my skin looked better than usual! I may have bought too much and also won a free party, hahaha. 

3.  So after complaining last week that J. Crew didn't sell maternity clothes, I did discover that they have a whopping TWO pairs of maternity pants, that each cost $118.

{Also? This model doesn't even look a smidge preggers. #notimpressed}

 Sorry J. Crew, I would spend $100+ on pants I can wear anytime, but on pants I can only wear till January?! I think not. And how about some cute maternity tops?!?! Step up your game!!

4. I am kinda loving this rainy, cold weather! I'm totes planning on wearing these all weekend:

5. You all know about my obsession with Cantina 1511. I was there on Monday with my teacher friends from my old school....

And I'm going back tonight with friends for a girls night! We are also going to see "We're the Millers." Has anyone seen that yet? Is it funny? 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bumpdate {week 15}

OMG, I need to be better about posting these! I've been so busy working in my classroom, that at this point I'm almost at 16 weeks! Oh well, here's my post for week 15...

{August 9}

Size of baby: an orange
Weight gain: Ok, so this week was a little ridiculous...I’m definitely up at least 6 pounds; maybe more but my scale is so sketchy and I’m also in denial. Woof. 
Maternity clothes: Continuing with the belly band on every pair of pants…but I did get my first pair of maternity jeans and I am SOOO excited to wear them!
Gender: This week I started to think more toward boy…I don’t really know why, but when I picture our baby, I just see a boy now. But some days I still think girl. Ugh…is it September 21 yet?!?!
Movement: Ok, so I think I might be going crazy, but I thought I felt something this week! It might just be gas bubbles though….which is probably more likely!
Cravings: Pasta, fruit, pickles and my lemon bars. Oh, and I just had to have Chipotle today!
Symptoms: I’m still having morning sickness! What the heck?! I got out of the shower Wednesday was almost completely knocked out by it. At least I still have my Zofran…
Workouts: 20 miles this week; still at a 10:00 mile pace. My runs felt relatively easy this week!
Sleep: I don’t know if it’s my internal clock or this baby keeping me awake, but I cannot go to sleep before midnight!! Even when I’m super tired and have to get up early! I don’t know what I’m going to do next week when I have to start getting up for teacher workdays!
What I miss: Normal clothes…I was at the mall and almost cried when I realized J Crew doesn't have a maternity section (Dear J Crew, can we work on that?! Preferably in the next, oh, 5 months or so?!)
Best moment this week: Finding out another teacher on my fourth grade team is also pregnant! She is about 4 weeks behind me…I am so excited we can commiserate with each other!
Looking forward to: Ok, I’m not 100% looking forward to this, but I am a teensy bit excited to go back to school. I can’t wait to teach a new grade level at a new school with new people! And I need some routine in my life….and also something to keep me busy so I stop constantly snacking.

I promise next time I'll write about non-pregnancy stuff (like my classroom and how much fun that's been to move and set up-HA!)!! Happy Hump Day!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bumpdate {weeks 13 & 14}

I'm back with more bump pics!! I'm almost all caught up now! :)

{July 26}

{August 2}

The bump is slowly but surely appearing...but is still not super obvious, which makes me feel fat 99% of the time!
And yes, I am trying to wear the same white shirt for all of my pics, so it will be easier to compare the bump size from week to week! 

Size of baby: a peach/lemon
Weight gain: At my doctor's appointment, I was up to 122. Since then, I'm pretty sure I've gained at least 2 more pounds, bringing my total to about 4 pounds so far. My appetite has been out of control.
Maternity clothes: I've started to wear some tops. No maternity pants yet, but I HAVE to wear my belly band with pants button anymore!!
Gender: I still go back and forth....some days I think girl, some days I think boy
Movement: nope but can't wait!
Cravings: Still tons of pasta and fruit. Pickles and ice cream (I'm SUCH a cliche!), mac & cheese, cereal, and these Fiber One lemon bars that I discovered at Costco. OMG they are so good!
Symptoms: STILL having some morning sickness! Why?!? When will it end?!? Other than that, I'm ok. A little tired this week, and some round ligament pain, but nothing terrible.
Workouts: 4 miles x 4 days at 10:00 mile pace for each week. I am getting REAL sick of the treadmill, it's too hot to run outside!
Sleep: As tired as I’ve been, I cannot fall asleep until 12:30-1:00 am! And then I get up at least twice to pee. At least I can sleep in…for now.
What I miss: I drove by Subway the other day and had the biggest craving!! I would really enjoy a big ol sub right now.
Best moment: Definitely my doctor’s appointment, where I got to see a very active and healthy Baby Ferg! He/she was moving all around in there, and both the ultrasound tech and my OB said everything looked great! A close second was (finally) sharing our news in Facebook/Instagram/the blog! It’s so great not to be keeping a secret anymore!!! My phone was blowing up all day…everyone is so happy and excited for us! Baby Ferg is so loved already!
Looking forward to: Popping out a little more. I’m in the awkward stage where I don’t look pregnant, but my stomach’s not flat either. I just look like I have a big ol’ beer gut. I want a baby bump instead, please!

I'll be back soon once I've taken my 15 week picture...then I'll be totally caught up and can write about something else for a little while! :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bumpdate {1st trimester}

Yay!!! I FINALLY got my computer back from being fixed!!! I am so behind now with these bump pics/prego thoughts, that I figured I would just combine the whole first trimester into one big post!! 

Here are my "bump" pics...not really any bumps present, but it was a good chance for me to practice my chalkboard skills! Although, I'll never be this chick. Don't judge me. 

{June 14}

{June 21}

No week 9 because we were in Italy!!

{July 5}

{July 12}

{July 19}
{not sure why I'm making the worst face ever in this picture!}

I'm trying really hard in that 12 week picture to make it look like I have a bump....but don't worry. The bump shall appear soon-ish, friends!

And a few thoughts on the lovely (note the sarcasm) first trimester of FUN:

Size of baby: It started as an appleseed (week 5) and ended as a plum (week 12)!
Weight gain: Thanks to the speedy pregnancy metabolism and morning sickness, I actually lost about 4-5 pounds in the beginning! But then, I ended the first trimester being about 2-3 pounds up from my original pre-pregnancy weight (thank you, Italy and your delicious food).

Maternity clothes: I busted out the belly band in Italy after a full meal and never looked back. That thing is awesome!! No full-blown maternity outfits at this point, but the belly band is becoming more and more crucial. The pants are getting tight, kids.
Gender: I have honestly no clue. My original gut instinct was girl, but I just get so confused the more I think about it! HA!
Movement: none yet!

Cravings: Tomatoes (tomato sauce, salsa, just plain tomatoes...), pasta, fruit (especially any kind of berry), Kraft mac & cheese (not Velveeta!), popsicles. In the very beginning I was obsessed with lime-flavored things, but I'm over that now. 
Symptoms: MORNING SICKNESS kicked my butt. Thank god for Zofran! It was especially awful during weeks 6-8. Also during the *fun fun fun* weeks 6-8 were fatigue, sore boobs, and headaches. The morning sickness continued for the rest of the 12 weeks, but the fatigue got better and the headaches have lessened. 
Workouts: I have definitely been running a lot less than I am normally used to, but still hitting the treadmill 4-5 times per week. I run 4 miles each time. (I used to do 6 miles/day pre-pregnancy.) I've also had to slow down a TON so I don't get my heart rate too high and get overheated. I usually ran at about a 7:30 minute mile pace; now I'm down to a 10:00 minute mile pace!! AHH! 
Sleep: Great so far, other than getting up once or twice to pee during the night!
What I miss: It would have been nice to have a cocktail on my birthday, I’m just sayin’…
Best moments: Telling close family and friends; seeing baby on the ultrasound monitor at 8 weeks and charting his/her little heart beat! 
Looking forward to: The end of morning that possible?!

I'll be back soon to recap week 13 & 14...and then I'll be all caught up! :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday!

I'm linking up again for 5 on Friday!!! 

1. My computer has been super slow lately, so I took it to Staples....where I was told I had 22 viruses!!! Yikes!! So I am without my laptop till Monday! I am posting from my iPad today...but you'll have to wait for more bump pics, because those are on my computer! 

2. The UPS man brought me some goodies yesterday!

My friend knows someone who works for Britax and let me use her discount!!!! I am so excited to already have some of the *big* stuff purchased for baby!! 

3. It was so good to see some of my teacher friends at dinner this week for Katie's birthday!! Three of us are prego, so we probably annoyed everyone with our baby talk. Sorry everyone. But it was good to catch up with the girls I used to see everyday!!

4. Tonight Trav and I are going to Beef and Bottle for dinner. Have you ever been here? I've never been, but have heard so many good things! 

5. Like any other North Carolina resident, I am totally planning on taking advantage of tax free weekend this weekend!! 

I've already got my list of things I need to teach fourth grade (ahhhhh!!!!) and am ready to hit up the teacher store!!! I'm planning on buying some new running shoes too! (Not at the teacher store, just to clarify.)

Have a great weekend!!!