Friday, March 31, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 45}

Happy Friday! 

My computer was giving me all sorts of trouble yesterday (even thought I have taken it to get fixed...ugh. I hate technology sometimes!), so I just couldn't get this post done till today! 

Anyway, last week, we were preparing for our big race! My first race in 2.5 YEARS and Ella's first race EVER!!! Last Thursday, we went to pick up my race packet! (I'll fill ya in on that whole thing in a little bit.)

Friday we went to story time at ImaginOn.

Both kids had fun playing with the legos after story time...

...and playing on the trolley!

We also made a quick stop at Daddy's office, where Ella got to play with his coworker's "toys."

Friday afternoon, my parents arrived, which meant bike riding lessons...

...wagon rides...

...and making my mom draw the entire Paw Patrol with chalk on our driveway. Ha! Ella was so sad when it rained the other day...looks like you need to come back and re-draw everything, Mom! 

My parents were in town because we had all signed up to run the Elizabeth 8K! My friend Amanda was also in town running it, so Ella got to hang out with her little boy, Rhys (and the dads, of course) while the rest of us were running!

A little re-cap, since I don't feel like giving this race it's own post:

Oh my goodness, this race completely kicked my BUTT. I'm not sure why I thought I could have run it at/close to my pre-baby speed of 6:45ish miles, but holy moly, I am no where near that fast anymore! Maybe if I had run outside more than, ohhhh once in the last 18 months, I would have known that. 

So, at the start, all of these slower people were at the front and I just could NOT get around them and out of the pack. When I finally did, I felt the need to flat out SPRINT to get myself back on track. And then I saw some guy with a stroller...and I was like "Oh hell no, I'm not letting some dude with a stroller beat me!" so I tried to run even faster. What a horrible idea. The first 3 miles I was able to (barely) hang on to right around 7:04 mile pace, but by the end of that 3rd mile I was totally DEAD. I kept thinking to myself "I totally should have just run a 5K!" After the third mile marker, we turned a corner and there was this gigantic hill. Which was just perfect because, oh, I WAS DYING. I literally said, out loud, "OH F***" and just shook my head. So once I made it (crawling! Lucas prob would have beat me up that hill), we turned another corner (so many turns! That was another issue I had with this course!), and there was this gradual incline...which is even worse than a hill, because it. never. ends. At this point, I think I just totally threw in the towel and gave up my chances of winning any sort of prize. I actually STOPPED TO WALK not once, but TWICE during those last 2 miles. In all the races I have done, even the full 26.2 marathon from hell, I have never, ever, ever stopped to walk. (Except at the water stations! I always walk through the water stations, even during this 8K! So those don't count!) So when that happened, I felt like a big loser. I finished with a time of 36:50, which calculated my average pace to be 7:25. Ummm whoa. Definitely should not have stopped twice. That pace was even slower than my half marathon pace (7:22). I realize that everyone who saw my post on Instagram, complaining about my pace probably thinks I am so obnoxious, (which I probably am) but it's all relative, people! How would you feel if you couldn't run 5 miles as fast as you used to be able to run 13+?! Anyways, I got second for my age group (15 seconds from first...and if I were still 29, I would have won my age group! Grrr...) and 6th overall female. So, yeah I was a little disappointed. But, if nothing else, this does give me TONS of motivation to 1. run outside more, 2. pick up the speed when I'm on the treadmill, and 3. run another race (but probably not till fall because warm weather + me + running = not the best combo). 

My parents and Amanda did great! My mom even got second place in her age group! 

Ok, so once I chugged 8236 gallons of Gatorade, it was time for Ella to get ready for her kids race! But first, she had to meet all an owl...

....and the Harris Teeter dragon!

Then was the kids run! It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

Just look at her focus...and the tongue sticking out! 

After the quick 100 (maybe 150?) yard dash, all of the kids got medals! 

Ella was so proud...and Trav and I were so proud of her, too! She said she has lots of fun and wants to do it again! 

So after all of that running, we needed some nourishment! Trav decided to make everyone a huge brunch at our house (since it was Saturday morning, we figured we'd have to wait a while wherever we went to eat)! Everything was so delicious!

We said goodbye to our friends and my parents, and played a little more outside (Ella slept REALLY well this night!).

Sunday consisted of basketball watching and puzzle eating (Lucas)/ building (Ella). 

Ella got to stay up to watch the UNC game and I know it goes without saying, but we are all SO excited they are in the Final Four! Trav and I were looking up flights to Phoenix Sunday after the game; had they not cost an arm and a leg andddd if someone would take a bottle (LUCAS), we would have totally gone. Maybe next time!

Monday morning was Ella's gymnastics evaluation, where she shows the teacher all of the skills she can do. Lucas wanted to participate as well...

Tuesday we didn't get in to story time again (shocker!), so we looked at some books and played with a cool maze toy instead!

It was really nice outside on Wednesday, so we played at the park for a while!

And that's a wrap on our week! 
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 44}

Oh hey everyone! 
Here's a look at what we've been up to this week!

Last Thursday, Ella had a walk at her preschool to raise money for JDRF. Look at her rocking those sunglasses! 

Lucas had fun cheering her on with his friend, and also enjoyed trying to eat the pompom. 

Thursday was also the first day of March Madness, so we celebrated by playing a little basketball! 

Friday was St. Patrick's Day!

It was a big day for both kids at Target....Lucas is finally big enough to ride in this kind of shopping cart!

Unfortunately, he hated it after about 5 minutes, and spent the rest of our time in Target screaming his head off. Bless. 

I also decided to take both kids to a consignment sale Friday night (long story) and it was every bit as awful as I thought it would be. But, I did walk away with all this!! 

Finally, some 12 month pajamas for Lucas! So, I guess a successful end to Spring 2017 Consignment Season! 

Saturday morning, I ran outside, without a stroller for the first time in....couldn't even tell you! It was definitely before I got pregnant with Lucas! So, like almost 2 years, ha! I am running a race this upcoming weekend, so I just wanted to make sure I was able to actually run outside without a stroller. And, I survived my little test run! 

The rest of our day was spent watching basketball. Ella was pointing the the Nike symbols on their shoes. 

Sunday, the boys stayed home to watch more basketball while Ella and I went to see Beauty and the Beast! 

I had originally not planned on taking her because I thought it might be too scary for her...but then I saw all these pictures of my friends taking their girls who are around her age, and well #peerpressure. Ella did see the original animated movie a few weeks ago, and wasn't scared by it, so I thought she would probably be ok for this updated "real" version. 

I was right! She did so well! She didn't really get scared at all. My only complaint was that the movie was a little bit too long for her, and she was getting antsy toward the end. But definitely a good time and a great movie (highly recommend it) with my best girl! 

Monday was our usual gymnastics and errand running in the morning, followed by the Y in the afternoon. But look at my sweet girl playing so nicely there! 

Tuesday, Lulu and I went to Target without Ella (she was at preschool) so he could have his original shopping cart situation back. He was much happier than on Friday! 

Yesterday was story time at our church. Ella kept wanting to touch this picture of Jesus on the wall. She is so funny. She kept running up to it, touching his feet and then coming back to me while proudly saying, "Mommy! I touched THE JESUS!" She did this like 12 times and it was hilarious. 

Meanwhile, Lucas was concentrating super hard on this maraca. 

Yesterday afternoon, we walked up to our neighborhood park for some playground time!

I really hope this weather starts getting its act together soon! We definitely need more outside time...can't wait for sidewalk chalk, wagon rides and bubbles soon! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lucas William {Ten Months}

Dear Lucas,

Today you are 10 months old! Double digits!!! What is that all about?! I'm totally blaming February having 28 days for the reason why this past month has flown by. I'm still totally in denial that you will be turning ONE in just 2 months and haven't even started planning your birthday party!

Height: 28 inches (18 percentile)
Weight: 20 pounds, 6 ounces (54 percentile)

Clothes: Still in 9 months when wearing pajamas and a few shirts, but everything else is 12 months. I've even put you in a few 18 months things, but they are still a little baggy. Size 3 diapers still going strong!

Nicknames: Lou-Lou/Lulu, Lou-Ba-Lou, Baby brother, LUUUUU-cus, Joy Boy, Hiiiiiiii guy/little guy, crazy crazy, crawly crawler, crazy character, Mr. Crazy

Milestones: I think the only new milestone this month is clapping! Baby claps are seriously the best! You always clap for yourself when eating and after a diaper makes me laugh. You have gotten much better at crawling EVERYWHERE. You are getting quick! You also love to pull up on just about everything....the ottoman, the coffee table, step stools, and yes, even the toilet! We had to lower the crib again because you just love pulling up on it, and also put a crib wrap on so you don't bite off all the paint! You are also very intrigued by the stairs and are constantly trying to figure out how to climb up them. When you are crawling, lots of times you try to stand up, but your legs are still a little wobbly. Daddy and I tried to have you walk between us the other day, but you weren't sure what exactly we were trying to make you do, and just kept plopping yourself down! You are also talking a lot more! Ella always says, "Aww Lucas is starting to talk!" You say "dadadadada" and "babababa" but you don't seem to associate the "dada" with Daddy, so I haven't "counted" it yet. I swear I've heard you say "heyyy" and "Ehhhh-aaahh" (Ella) a few times, but you will NOT say anything on command. It's not like you're stubborn or anything... 😉

Sleep: You are still sleeping great, and even handled the time change last week like a pro! You go down between 6 and 6:30 PM and wake up anytime between 6 and 7 AM. Lately (due to the time change), you've been waking up closer to 7 AM, which has been nice! You take a morning nap from about 9:30-11 (give or take half an hour) and an afternoon nap at around 1:30...sometimes you only sleep an hour, but other times I have to wake you up at 4:30! 

Best Moment: When you figured out clapping your hands!!! I freaking LOVE the baby clapping!

Worst Moment: Last week, we tried out a new kinds of cart at Target (where there are 2 kid seats next to each other, and then the cart is in front of that) and you about lost your mind. You would not stop screaming the ENTIRE time we were in the store. You did not want to be strapped into that cart for one more second!

{oh yay. you've discovered the sticker!}

Likes: Ella, putting everything in your mouth, eating, when we blow raspberries on your tummy, trying to climb on things, crawling all over the place, making a farting noise with your mouth, pulling Ella's hair, PUFFS. You also love pulling yourself close to the drain during bath time and sticking your head under the faucet.

Dislikes: Pretty much anytime you want to move around but can't. So, you hate when I put you in the car seat (you're ok after a few seconds though), the Ergo, diaper changes (you've started rolling over during them and it may or may not have resulted in poop on the walls...), and being strapped in the shopping cart. You also HATE the Nose Frida and getting your nose wiped!

Health: You still have a bit of a runny nose, but I'm thinking it's allergies. (Mine have been bugging me, too!)

Eating: You love, love, LOVE eating. We've introduced lots of new foods this month (you can now eat everything except cow's milk and honey) and you've liked them all! Prior to this month, the only thing you didn't like was avocados...we've tried those again and you like them now! You really like shredded chicken, yogurt (although the first few times you weren't a fan), strawberries, eggs and of course, Puffs! The only thing I've given you that you absolutely won't eat is pasta! What?! Are we related?!? You do not like it whatsoever and spit it out immediately. However, I've also given you chunks of tomatoes/tomato sauce and you gobbled that right up! You are still nursing 5 times a day, but get distracted easily and don't spend much time drinking that milk at all. 

Lulu, you just keep getting cuter and cuter...and more fun!!! You are our crazy guy, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We love chasing you around, watching you explore and learn new things. You are ALL BOY, which I thought was totally a made up thing until I had you. You have so much energy and love life. You are still the chillest baby ever, but if something makes you mad, whoa, do you let us know! You bring more joy to our lives than you will ever know! Thanks for another month of keeping us on our toes and making us smile, sweet boy! :) 

{And, just for fun...Ella at 10 months}