Thursday, July 27, 2017

Zoo Week

Last week's theme for our morning activities was the ZOO! 
I really, really wanted to take both kids to the zoo, but seeing as it was 3957295 degrees outside (no really, the heat index was over 100 most of the week), that just was not going to happen last week. So our zoo trip has been postponed for when it cools off a little bit, probably November 😉 
But we did do lots of fun zoo activities instead!

Books we read:

Educational things:

Ella LOVED these, and she was actually quite good at them! I'm kicking myself for getting rid of the millions of these I used to have (laminated!) from teaching. 

{Ella doesn't know how to write the numbers, so after she counted each animal, I wrote the number with a highlighter for her to trace over}

Ella initially HATED this. She got really frustrated (because it was hard) and had a small temper tantrum. 

Luckily, she tried another "tool" (I got these off Amazon for less than $6!), and she had a bit more it was a win by the end of it.

Art projects:

Using our favorite dot markers again! 

And Ella's favorite zoo animal, a zebra!


Animal crackers, duh!

There were so many zoo activities on Pinterest, we really just hit the tip of the iceberg! Guess we'll just have to do some more next summer! (And hopefully we make it to the real zoo soon!)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Las Vegas!

Two weeks ago (I know, I am seriously slacking on the blog this month), we got back from a fun-filled trip to Vegas! Every summer, Trav gets to head out there for work, and I try to tag along when I'm not pregnant or nursing. Last time I went was 2015 (you can read that recap here...and my same notes from last time still hold true! People from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm Savannah were all there the same time as we were, according to their instagram accounts, and I did not see one. single. person. I was so disappointed!). Anyway, I was due for another fun time in Vegas with my husband! 

We did a lot of the same stuff we did 2 years ago, like walking around the strip and sightseeing....

...laying out by the pool...

...stopping by the always interesting Old Vegas/Fremont Street...

...and of course, lots of fun playing craps and watching sports 😉 (I may or may not have been present for those activities just for the free drinks....)

We also had some fabulous meals!

Our first night, we ate at Giada, which was delicious. This was the view from our table. 

The next night, we went to Old Vegas and ate at Andiamo. It was straight out of a mobster movie, but we both loved it and the food was amazing.

Our last dinner was at Mastro's, which is one of our favorite places! Trav has dreams nightly about their ahi tuna. It is really good and I'm pretty sure we could both eat there every night! 

Something we didn't do last time? Take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon

This was my birthday present, and it was truly amazing!!! Neither of us had been on a helicopter before and I hadn't been feeling well the first few days in Vegas, so I was little nervous about puking in flight. But honestly, I got less sick on the helicopter than I do on airplanes! So yay for that. 

We flew over the strip, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead...

...and then landed near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to get out and see everything!

They also had a little breakfast set up for us, with champagne and everything!

On the way back, I got to sit in the front next to the pilot! 

Pictures seriously don't do any of this justice. I know that's so cliche, but it really is true. It amazes me how much of nothing we flew over. Like, not even a road. So crazy! And so beautiful!

When we got back to the Vegas area, we flew over Old Vegas....

...and we could almost see the dolphins in the water at the Mirage.

The flight each way was about 45 minutes, and the whole trip from the time they picked us up from our hotel to the time we got back was about 4 hours. It was SUCH a fun morning and a fabulous way to see the Grand Canyon! (And Ella was so jealous we got to ride on "Skye")

Don't feel bad that my kids missed out...they had a blast and a half with their grandparents (thanks again!!!) who stayed with them while we were gone. It was so great to spend 1-on-1 time with my husband without having to change diapers, feed kids, pick up toys, etc.! Naturally, we want to get away, just the 2 of us, again....oh like next month.