Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Bennett's First Down Birthday Party

What's this...a blog post?!?!
This is SUCH a belated post, but I was having major issues with my old computer. It was almost 6 years old, things weren't loading and it was slow AF. It took me 5-10 minutes to open any program and I was staring at that stupid beach ball spinning constantly. I thought I could just go to the Apple store and get a new computer...but no, I needed X amount of storage and they just don't make them like that anymore. So wouldn't you know, I had to special order a freaking computer and it took 2 weeks to come in! Then they had to transfer all of my files, which took another 4 days (it's only supposed to take 24 hours)! 

So that's my excuse for just now posting Bennett's birthday party, 2 months later! Whoops!

Anyways! As soon as Bennett was born (at the very start of football season, mind you), I just knew we had to have a football themed first birthday party! This was SO much fun to put together!

Behind that "Tailgaters Welcome" sign, we had a cooler full of beverages to greet our guests!

The dining room was our main party room housing the majority of the food and decorations! I couldn't find a backdrop that I liked, so I made my own using a plastic "grass" tablecloth and chalkboard-style contact paper! I was kinda proud of myself!

For food, I tried to serve as many "easy" tailgate foods as I could think of! We had jalapeno poppers, mini chicken & waffles, chicken wings, pizza rolls, veggies & dip, chips & salsa, and popcorn!

I also made this football-looking thing out of crackers, cheese and pepperoni! (Thanks, Pinterest!)

And of course we had cupcakes and cake!

I could have done with out the REF written on there, but hey it was like $30 so whatever.

I have loved making these numbers out of photos for my kids' birthdays! The number 1 is definitely the easiest to make!

Moving into the kitchen (which looks SO different now that it's been painted...a post on that coming soon!), we had all of the drinks at our "Concession Stand"!

At our kitchen table, I had football helmets that the kids could color and grown ups could write a note to the birthday boy! I also bought foam fingers for the kids to decorate, which was a big hit!

A few more decorations in the family room and front hallway...

For party favors, I dressed up Gatorade bottles like referees!

It was a very fun time celebrating our 1 year old boy!!!

{Please see the reason for throwing that rug away immediately after this party!}

Bennett was super excited to open his presents! He loves his PBK chair, Ramses and a whole bunch of B Toys (we haven't owned a toy made by this company that we didn't like; they are the best)!

Bennett's shirt: A Little Stitch of Charlotte
Ella's dress | Lucas's shirt: Smocked Auctions
Blowup goal posts: Target
PVC pipe goal posts, monthly banner, high chair banner, assorted banners/decorations, bib and football headband: another mom on my local Facebook group :)
Wooden signs: Hobby Lobby
Grass tablecloth, plates, napkins: Target
Cake: Publix
Chalkboard contact paper: Amazon
Chalkboard milestone poster: Etsy
Cupcake toppers: Amazon
Pom Poms: Amazon
Chalkboard easels: Target
Tablecloths: Hobby Lobby
Foam Fingers: Oriental Trading
Whistles: Amazon