Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday!

1. First and foremost, thank you thank you thank you for all of your prayers and positive thoughts for Baby Ferg!

Our appointment went really well on Tuesday, and he is doing just fine in there! They will continue to monitor me, so things could change...but I felt very confident in the doctors and the whole situation in general when I walked out of their office. Plus, what an amazing view from the parking deck! 
{I'll post a little more about what all is going on sometime next week in a bump date, since I know some of you are curious!}

2. I felt like I won the lottery earlier this week when my friend Katie tagged me in a post where someone was selling their double City Select on our moms Facebook group! 

These strollers go SOOO fast in this group but I got it! I won! I won! 
Ella looks unsure about it, but I promise she LOVES the new stroller. And I love that we got it for almost 60% less than retail price! 

3. I am really trying to cook once a week. Just once. Haha, that's about all I can handle right now! When my friend recommended these Greek tacos, I knew I had to try them since I've been craving anything Greek lately!

They. were. delicious. I'll definitely be making them again. Plus, I think Trav was excited to eat something other than fish or chicken (I subbed ground beef for lamb)!

4. Speaking of making delicious things...we went to the strawberry patch this morning! 
So now I am all ready to make a big strawberry salad, plus maybe this strawberry pie...and/or these biscuits

If you have any yummy strawberry recipes, please send them my way!

5. We discovered a new park yesterday!

It's right across from Imaginon, where we were for story time. I have no clue how I didn't know this park existed (my husband can even see it from his office!), but Ella had a blast trying to jump in the fountain!

Have a great weekend!!! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Baby Boy's Sprinkle

Originally, I didn't want a baby sprinkle for this second baby because I didn't think it was totally necessary. But the party planning extraordinaire Kathryn decided she was going to throw one for me anyway and I'm really glad she did! 

{Previous Kathryn parties: Wedding Shower | Baby Shower for Ella

My only requests were that it be suuuuuuper low-key/simple and that I could somehow work getting a pedicure into the mix ;) 
(Since I tried to give myself one the other week, and it didn't work out so well! I am too big for these things.)
And of course, Kathryn delivered! 

We started with a beautiful brunch at Cafe Monte!

{Cake is from fav!}

{Everyone got blue nail polish...Essie, because Kathryn knows I like the Essie colors the best!}

Trav got called in to work last minute, so I had to bring Ella. She did surprisingly really well! And she loved the cake.

After brunch, a few of us headed over to Polished for manis and pedis!

{Ella did not get a pedicure, considering she won't even let me trim her toenails...}

Thank you Kathryn, for another amazing shower! I'm glad you talked me in to this one :) 
And I'm so thankful to my friends who came! I know it was a busy weekend for everybody, but I love that we were able to celebrate Baby Ferg and have some good girl time! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Happenings

This weekend, we....

...had Chipotle with "Pen-a-Ella-baby" (Penelope)

...went to Perfect Balance with Mackenzie

...sprinkled Baby Ferg 2 with lots of love

{more to come on this in a separate post!}

...took some REALLY long (3+ hours!) naps

{excuse the Christmas jammies!}

...nested in a major way

{In addition to getting out alllllll the baby stuff from the attic, I think I did about 6-8-ish loads of baby laundry this weekend!}

...and played with all of the baby things in the process

...and attended Shep's fire truck themed birthday party!

Ella was NOT a fan of the fire truck, which I thought was weird because she normally loves them when she sees them driving around!

Anni had the cutest decorations!

And Ella also wasn't that into her cake...

If you know my child at all, you know under normal circumstances, she will down that piece of cake in about 3 seconds flat. 

Well, of course by this point, we knew something was up with her....and yep, about 10 seconds later, she threw up everywhere. I am officially "that mom" with "that kid" at the birthday party. Thank god Trav was also there to help out...but man, Ella and I were both traumatized (and embarrassed)!
Sorry about that, Shep and Anni!!!! (And all the other party guests!! Hope you don't get sick!)

So, whew what a weekend! 
So now here I am, taking care of my little sick child while mentally preparing for my high risk OB appointment tomorrow...which, thank you so much to all of you who have reached out to me whether on here, or texting/emailing/calling! It means so much and I hope to post more info about the whole thing soon! 

Hope your week is off to a better start than ours is so far! :) 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

1. Yesterday's 34 week (!!!) appointment was a little eventful to say the least. Long story short, I have a negative blood type and it's causing a few complications with this second pregnancy. I have been referred to a high risk OB, which kind of freaks me out, but my regular OB assured me it's more of a precautionary measure than anything super major. Plus, I get an ultrasound which is always exciting to me! But would you mind keeping Baby Ferg and I in your thoughts and prayers this upcoming week?! We would really appreciate it! 

2. Speaking of Baby Ferg, I can't believe he will be here {hopefully} sooner rather than later!!! I started doing baby laundry this week, which is my most favorite, favorite FAVORITE chore ever!!! I just love washing tiny little clothes. Eeeeek!

And yes, 90% of his wardrobe is sports/UNC-related!

3. Ella got some more experience with new babies at the hospital this past week! My friend had her sweet little guy on Monday, so we hopped right over to meet him!

Ella insisted on bringing him a ginormous Thomas the Train balloon. She also tried to tickle him (which we had to remind her we can't do that with tiny babies!), but at least she didn't get jealous when I held him! 

4. My parents were here yesterday since they had a flight out of Charlotte early this morning. Big thanks to my dad for watching Ella while my mom and I went to that exciting doctor's appointment (see #1) and also thanks to my mom for doing some weeding in our yard for me!

Ella loves playing with Nay Nay and Cook!

5. I have yet to post anything on Snapchat, but Ella and I are obsessed with playing with the face filters!!! It's like Snapchat just knew she was wearing her Lilly zebra dress yesterday! 

Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Our Trip to the Mountains

A while back, I had mentioned to Trav that I wanted to take one last trip before Baby Ferg 2 got here, with just the 3 of us. We weren't sure when we were going to squeeze it in, but this past weekend we found ourselves with no plans, so we decided last minute to head to Blowing Rock! And by last minute, I mean I booked the hotel that Friday morning. #YOLO

We got in to Blowing Rock kind of late due to a combo of Charlotte rush hour traffic and several bathroom stops for the pregnant lady and her newly potty-trained toddler. In retrospect, we were probably a little crazy for taking this trip in the first place, with Ella only being potty-trained for a week, and me at 33.5 weeks pregnant, but oh well. 

Anyway, as soon as we got in town, we made a quick decision just to head to Mellow Mushroom for a super late dinner. 

I was expecting Ella to have several meltdowns and/or accidents, but she did great! She wanted to hold the "flowers" (aka mushrooms on our pager) and even ordered her own meal herself!

You would have never guessed she was eating dinner 2 hours after her normal bedtime. 

The next morning, we headed to Tweetsie Railroad

Ella had been talking all Friday (remember, this trip had been in the works for a whole 24 hours at this point) about going to the mountains and riding on the choo-choo. So she was really excited!

Of course we had to ride on the train first thing!

Next, we went up to the petting zoo

No surprise here, Ella walked up to every animal and tried to pet them through the gates. She also said hi to every animal, and thought the sheep were Ramses and his family. This child has no fear! We had to force her away from the emu because we were scared they would peck her fingers off. 

Speaking of no fear, right outside of the petting zoo was this spinny ride she was dying to go on. I thought she was absolutely nuts, but my sweet husband agreed to take her on it (pregnant people were not allowed on...oh, darn). 

Next, we opted for something a little calmer, the Mouse Mine Train! Ella kept talking about this one the next day. 

It's a train that takes you in a "cave" where there are fluorescent glow in the dark mice mining for cheese. It was super cute.

We headed back down the mountain to the rest of the park, but not before taking a family picture!

I am going to go ahead and blame the bad angle for the reason I look so large and in charge. 

Yes, we rode on these chairlifts....and yes, I was more scared than Ella! 

At the bottom of the mountain, there was the merry-go-round....

...bumper cars...

...and more opportunities for awkward-angle family pictures!

Ella really wanted to go on the train again, so we did...

They have these little Western Cowboys and Indians-type shows that they perform when the train stops. They used little pop guns (not to mention some violent fighting/wrestling moves) and I thought Ella would be scared...but nope! I am telling you, this child has NO FEAR.

We had a great time at Tweetsie! I did think it was a little expensive, but we ended up staying about 4 hours and I feel like we got our money's worth. I liked that they had a variety of attractions and Ella seemed to have a total blast! 

After naps, we headed up to Boone and walked around.

Then we came back to Blowing Rock to play on the awesome playground they have right downtown.

For dinner, we ate at Canyons. This was the view from our table!

And the view from their parking lot!

Sunday, we stopped at Moses Cone Park on our way back to Charlotte. So pretty!

I wanted to walk down to Bass Lake, but then learned it was a 5 mile walk round trip. Ummm, no thanks! Apparently, there is a special Bass Lake entrance that's closer...we'll go there next time!

Ella saw a picture of a bear and wanted to look for the "teddy bears" on our walk. Thankfully, we didn't see any!

We probably walked about 1/2 a mile before we turned around to walk back uphill toward our car. I was basically dying. 

We decided to take a more scenic way home and drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway for a little bit.

We stopped at Linville Falls so Ella could see the waterfalls!

We had such a great time on our little last minute "not quite a babymoon" trip! I'm happy to report that Ella was such a trooper and did so well with her potty training the whole time! 
So glad I could spend extra time with 2 of my favorite people before this new baby arrives!