Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How it all began...

Oh's still me! I got really sick of the polka dots and engagement pics from 2+ years ago, so I decided to change things up on here! However, I suck at technology so it's taking me a while to figure everything out and get things exactly how I want them. Any profesh blog designers want to do everything for me?!

Anyways, thank you for all of the love for Baby Ferg already!! Of course I wrote a blog post the day after (and a few days after) I found out I was prego. So here you go!

May 31, 2013 
Omg. Is this for real?! Am I seriously pregnant? WHATTTTTT?!?! I still can't believe it. Biggest shock ever!!!!

My period was supposed to arrive May 27. It was no where to be seen! Two of the girls I hang around with the most were both late with their periods, plus with all of my job-hunting stress, I figured it would be a little bit late. Tuesday the 28 I took a pregnancy test just to be sure and it was negative. I wasn’t sure if there was enough pee on the stick though.

Thursday night my period STILL had not come, and I was super, super tired. Like, my 6 mile run was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. And also my boobs hurt. And also I had very bad cramping all day. I thought it might be my period cramps until I googled it (THANKS google) and found out it was a sign of pregnancy. I took another pregnancy test and this one was kinda positive!! The second line was a little faint though. 

I called Dana, who has used these tests before and sent her the pic of the test. She told me I should get a digital test just to be sure (these first tests were cheapies off Amazon that came with my ovulation tests--CLEARLY not the most accurate!!). I ran to Rite Aid 5 minutes before they closed and got a fancy two-pack EPT. I got home and took the first test. It kept flashing weird things, so I think I messed it up somehow. So, I took the other one in the box and that one didn't work either! So now I had to go to the grocery store because Rite Aid was now closed. This time, I got Clear Blue tests, which even said on the box “easiest to read.” So I figured I couldn't mess these up. This whole time I am frantically texting Dana and she is laughing at me for being unable to take a pregnancy test!

I got home with my THREE clear blue pregnancy tests and pee on the first one. Almost INSTANTLY the cross appeared (which means pregnant). I started freaking out!!! I was so excited, but also nervous because we weren't 100% trying/ready!

Thankfully, Travis was at softball this whole time, so he was not around to witness my craziness.

I could hardly sleep, even though I had been exhausted only a few hours before. I think I may have slept 3 hours the whole night.

Friday, I went to school and taught and felt very weird. I kept messing up my kids names and forgetting stuff (uh oh, pregnancy brain already?!). I also had cramping again, and at times felt a little nauseous. I basically felt like I had a mild flu…chills and then I’d get really hot, and just a general “blah” feeling. I was also super anxious about telling Travis because I had NO clue how he was going to react.

After school, I went to Buy Buy Baby and got a UNC onesie as my way of telling him. He was already home when I got home so I walked in and was like, “I have a present for you!” He sorted of looked at me like WTF? And then opened the bag, pulled out the onesie and said “what is this?” I told him I was pregnant and he was just shocked! He didn't believe me at first, but then when he realized I wasn't joking he just kept asking “why?” hahah…um because that’s what happens!! 

We are both just so shocked!!! But excited!

June 5, 2013 
Still kind of tired, but thankfully no morning sickness…yet (knock on wood!). I think the tiredness is from my lack of caffeine…summer is coming soon and I can rest!!! Thank you, Jesus! The cramping has also continued slightly, along with the pregnancy brain….on Sunday, I poured my sugar packet BACK into the container where I keep them instead of into my (decaf) coffee!

Last night, we told my parents. It was SO hard to keep from my mom and I couldn't keep it in anymore. I wanted to tell them in person, but since they live 4 hours away, it was hard to think of an excuse to get them to come to Charlotte all of a sudden. So, I printed off a picture and put it in a frame. Around the matting of the frame, I wrote, “The best parents get promoted to grandparents,” in my best teacher writing. These things were like $30 on Etsy! Ummm no! 

Anyways, I overnight shipped it to them on Monday and told them to expect a package, but not to open it until they called me first.
So they got the package Tuesday and called me. I told them my phone was dying and could we Skype? We tried Skype, but their camera was not working. We probably hung up and tried about 5 times before I couldn't take it anymore and was just like, ok open the package!!! I am sad that I couldn’t see their faces, but their (vocal) reactions were priceless. They had absolutely NO clue and were so surprised and excited! My mom was shocked I wasn’t sick yet (she was super sick when prego with me and my brother) and we talked all about being pregnant. My mom also said she could tell I was keeping something from her these past few days, but had NO clue this was why! Travis was also in the room, so that was fun that he could be in on the conversation as well. I am glad that the secret is out and now I can talk to not only Dana about pregnancy questions, but my mom as well.
After the convo with my parents, I met some of my teacher friends at Cantina. They were all drinking and it was SOOOO hard not to order a drink! I just told them I was so tired that I might fall asleep on the table if I had a sip of alcohol and I don’t think they suspected anything. The chips, salsa and my fav chopped salad were delicious as always though!

I am going to use a chalkboard to keep track of my pregnancy like this girl (oh and Dana!), except mine probably won't be as cute!! Here is my first bump/last abs picture, at about 5 weeks!

I'll be back to post more bump pics soon!!! :) 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby Ferg!

If you're Facebook or Instagram friends with me, you already know the news....

I'm pregnant!!!!

Baby Ferg is due January 31, 2014 and we couldn't be more excited!!!!

Here are the answers to some of the questions I've been getting over and over:

*How have you been feeling? I had terrible "morning" sickness (with morning in quotes because it was not just in the morning, but all freaking day long!) during weeks 6-8, but my doctor gave me zofran and that stuff is amazing!!!! So now I am feeling good!

*Are you going to find out the gender? YES!!! Plans for our gender reveal party are already in the works...I just wish I didn't have to wait till September!!!

*What do you think Baby Ferg is? I've thought girl from the start, but lately, I've been going back and forth all of the time. So confusing, and so hard to predict! I just want to know!!!!

* just went to Italy. How did you do that and not drink any wine?!?!?  I know. The orginal plan was to wait to get pregnant till we got back from Italy. But honestly, it was fine. I was so thirsty all of the time from walking around all day that when we were at lunch/dinner, I just wanted to chug water! I did have a few very, very, very small sips of Trav's wine if he said it was really good. I also had a small sample of limoncello (it was literally 1/2 a sip!)...I just had to! Baby is a very good traveler too, I may add. I rarely got sick the whole trip (thank you, zofran) and sometimes, even forgot I was pregnant (for like a hot second)!

*Will you post bump pictures? Yes! Just like with wedding planning, this is a very special time in my life and I want to remember it all (even the morning sickness)! So, lucky for you, I'll be sharing weekly updates on this little blog of mine!! I'm hoping that this pregnancy won't completely take over the blog, and I'll be able to share some other, non-baby related things on here too. Please let me know if I get too out of control!

{Say hello to the little peanut at 12.5 weeks!}

I'm also thinking I need a new blog name...since the current one was my mantra during wedding planning, and well, I haven't really been cravings cupcakes recently! Any suggestions?!?!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Italy Part IV {Capri & more Sorrento}

Yesterday, I told you all about the beginning of my obsession with the Amalfi Coast. It only gets worse more gorgeous!

The day after we went to Positano was my birthday!!!!! 
{I get very excited for my birthday, in case you couldn't tell!}
It started off with Natalie bringing me a delish slice of Nutella pie for breakfast in my room, and then I also had all of this...including a Nutella croissant! 

These Italians eat Nutella like it's going out of style...fine by me!

Then, we went to get on our boat to Capri! 
Thank you, April, for suggesting we get a semi-private boat for just a teense extra than the normal boat to really, really was worth it!!

We got to see Sophia Loren's house...

...Valentino's house...

..and the marina where they shoot movies and all of the rich people dock their yachts!

We also got to swim through the Green Grotto!

{I swam through that little tunnel!}

We docked our boat at a small beach, and then took another boat to the main marina in Capri!

Once we got there, we had to take a funicular up to the town... (at this point we started playing the "how many modes of transportation can we take in one day?" game, haha)

And, if that wasn't enough, my parents told me we HAD to take the bus to Anacapri and ride the chairlift to the top of Monte Solaro! So Travis and I did that...Natalie and Brian stayed behind to explore Capri. what my parents didn't tell me what that this was the chairlift situation:

I am terrified of heights, and I did not want to go. Travis also chickened out at this point. But, this guy had a ticket and he didn't want to go anymore, so he gave it to us! So one of us HAD to go, since now we had a free ticket! So I braved the heights and went...I was gripping my seat with palms sweating the entire time. It was scary! 

But the view from the top was worth it!!

{this is literally a straight drop down!}

Time to take the scary chairlift back down!

{Anacapri from the chairlift} 

We went back to Capri and walked around for a bit...

Then it was time to take the boat back to Sorrento! There was a storm coming, so the water was super choppy!!

Thanfully, we survived, only to walk up 498374672729 stairs to get back into town!

We had a little time before dinner, so Natalie and I had sandals custom-made for our feet!

We went back to Inn Bufalito for my birthday dinner! We liked this restaurant that much!

Travis and Brian split a buffalo steak!!

Then, the waiters turned off the lights, brought out a birthday cake and sang to me (in English)!

I was so embarrassed!!!

After all of that excitement, we said goodbye to Natalie, Brian and Sorrento the next day. We took the train back to Rome, where it was very rainy. We spent our last day in Italy walking around Rome in the rain (no great pics from that, sorry). 

We had an amazing time in Italy and I hope we can go back again some day!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Italy Part III {Sorrento & Positano}

I thought this might be the last of my recaps, but it got too long, so I had to split it into 2 posts! I'm doing Sorrento and Positano today, and Capri tomorrow. {If you missed Rome and Venice, be sure to read those, too!}

We arrived in Sorrento after the horrible night train experience. It was hot, crowded and we slept terribly. Let me tell just leave it at that. Do not take a night train in Italy!!!! 

However, our hotel in Sorrento was fabulous and had the largest, most amazing shower, ever. 

Also, fortunately for us, my bestie Natalie and her fiance, Brian met up with us in Sorrento!! It was great to spend a few days with them (also have someone to take pics for us, so we didn't have to keep doing selfies)!

Once we showered and recovered from the hellish night train ride, the four of us set out to explore Sorrento. It is a really cute city with gorgeous views of the water!

After a delish dinner on the water, and romatic sunsets...

we called it a night! 

The next day we went to Positano!! We were too late for the boat, so we had to take a bus. We actually got on the wrong bus first, but figured it out about 10 minutes into the trip. So we got dropped off, caught another bus back into Sorrento, and got on the correct bus to Postiano.

The drive, while beautiful, was nauseating!!! Pack the Dramamine if you're planning on doing this!

After a 35 minute ride, we made it to Positano! The bus dropped us off at the top of the village, and then we walked through it to get to the beach. Everything was so cute and charming!

I loooooved Postiano! I would totally want to come here for a whole week month on vacay.

Once down at the beach, we walked around, got lunch, and of course ate some gelato!

We did not want to walk back up the cliff, nor get super car sick (bus sick?) again, so we opted to take the boat back to Sorrento! It was super a little cruise!

Once back in Sorrento, we stopped at a lemon grove before dinner to sample some limoncello!

For dinner, we discovered Inn Bufalito (thank you, Rick Steves). If you are in Sorrento, you must eat here!

The food was amazing!!

The next birthday....we spent in Capri!!! I'll tell you all about that very soon!