Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bumpdate {26 weeks}

Ok, so I realize it's not quite Halloween yet...but I figured this week was the most appropriate week to incorporate the holiday onto my chalkboard!

Size of baby: A head of lettuce
Weight gain: I gained {at least} another 2 pounds this week. Bringing my total to 19 pounds. Someone tell me this is normal…I feel HUGE.      
Maternity clothes: For sure! I have little patience for even attempting to wear my regular clothes…it’s like someone snuck into my closet and shrunk all of them! 
Gender: A GIRL! 
Movement: Her movements are starting to be more jab-like (instead of just rolling around in there) and Travis finally felt her kicking! 
Cravings: I still cannot get enough pasta…I forgot how amazing PastaRoni is! 
Symptoms: Lots of little things here and there…heartburn, round ligament pain, cramps/growing pains/Braxton Hicks/whatever they are, cellulite, forgetfulness (I literally cannot remember what day it is anymore). Oh and my belly button is doing strange things…it is almost an outtie! So weird!
Workouts: I ran 15 miles this week! 4 miles a day was getting to be too difficult, so I cut it down to 3 and did that Monday-Friday. I’m hoping to do the same next week…but may have to cut it down even more!  
Sleep: So so…I’d say 6 on a 1-10 scale. My problem is that I cannot fall asleep...I blame my husband for watching sporting events in bed till after midnight. Once I am asleep, I always wake up on my stomach and freak out that I’m squishing the baby! 
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach—guilt free! 
Best moment this week: Having Travis finally feel her kick! Also…this is so pathetic, but getting an email from Babies R Us telling me our crib is FINALLY back in stock! So we have finally ordered the crib!
Looking forward to: A 4-day work week this week and Halloween candy!!! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bumpdate {25 weeks} & Gender Reveal Pics!

One of these days...I'll post these updates on time (aka Fridays). I'll also write about some stuff not related to my baby. 

But, today is not that day. Sorry!

Size of baby: A cauliflower…she’s getting so big!
Weight gain: I think I am up about 2 pounds this week. Woof. Bringing my total to about 17 pounds so far.
Maternity clothes: Yep! This week we got to wear jeans all week if we paid $5 for breast cancer research, so I have been living in my maternity jeans. Regular jeans, not so much…even with the belly band, they are super tight and uncomfortable.
Gender: A GIRL! 
Movement: Still lots of movement from this little lady! Travis still has not felt her though, because she always stops moving when he puts his hand on my stomach! What the heck, Baby?! Are you scared of your dad or something? He’s nice, I promise! Another reason he hasn't felt her is because she is more active at school than at home…she must really like to learn!    
Cravings: I have really, really, really wanted a big turkey sub this week. I may have to cave in soon and get one! Don’t worry; I’m still craving pasta hardcore and eating it for pretty much every meal. 
Symptoms: Well, I had to take some zofran on Thursday because I was dying of nausea, but the rest of the week, I felt fine. Round ligament pain is returning, but the heartburn seems to be lightening up.  
Workouts: Ran my 16 miles again! I may have to cut down my mileage soon…but I’m still aiming for 4 miles day, 4 times per week.  
Sleep: Pretty good although at times, I am starting to get uncomfortable. I keep waking up on my stomach, afraid I’m squishing her! Oh, and of course I’m still getting up at least twice each night to pee.  
What I miss: I love these fall evenings, but they are just not the same without a nice glass of wine or some pumpkin beer. I don’t even think I've ever had pumpkin beer before, but I would really like some now!
Best moment this week: I found an item on my registry (Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym, which retails for $50) at a resale shop for $12! Thanks, Angela, for the heads up! :) 
Also I enjoyed beginning to organize this chica’s closet and build her some storage shelves.

Gotta make room for all those clothes I've been buying! 
Looking forward to: Meeting this little lady! Can you believe January 31 is only 102 days away?! We are almost in the double digit countdown!

Also, I must share with you some pictures (finally!) from our gender reveal party last month!!! I didn't want maternity photos (pay $100s for pictures of me looking like a giant whale?! No thanks.), so instead I decided to have our wedding photographers come and take pics at our gender reveal party! As per usual, Matt and Leslie did not disappoint and I'm so glad we had them there...they even made us a video! Be sure to watch made me cry! You can see the video and the pictures by clicking here, but I'll share some of my faves with you now....

That's all for now!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bumpdate {24 weeks}

Size of baby: a cantaloupe! I feel like that is SO big!
Weight gain: I was right…I got weighed at the doctor’s Thursday and I have barely gained any weight since my last appointment! .9 pounds to be exact! So we’ll round up and say I've gained 15 total pounds.    
Maternity clothes: Yes! I think I've worn a maternity outfit everyday this week!
Gender: A GIRL
Movement: She’s definitely moving around in there! I can feel her little kicks from the outside, too; but whenever I walk over to Travis so he can feel, baby stops kicking! This is one stubborn chica!  
Cravings:  I really wish I was craving something crazy and different…but it’s the same ol’ stuff: pasta, chocolate, pickles, ice cream, mac & cheese, Chipotle.
Symptoms: This week was much better! I still have some cramping, but the doctor checked me on Thursday and she said it was probably just some growing pains. I've also been getting Charlie horses pretty much every morning and sometimes in the middle of the night. And…I had to take Zofran on Monday. UGH. My doctor said hopefully the morning sickness won’t come back, but I’ll just have some waves of nausea. Let’s hope for neither and that Monday was just a fluke! I also got a flu shot Thursday, so I felt a little feverish on Friday. Last, this may not qualify as a symptom, but my hair will NOT fall out! I have the thickest hair on the planet and usually in the shower, I’ll lose about 50 hairs. Now, I lose like 2. I know some people would die to have thick hair, but trust me, it’s a huge pain! 
Workouts: 16 miles this week! I am officially getting off the treadmill every 6 minutes to pee. It takes me over an hour to run “40 minutes” if that makes any sense at all. 
Sleep: Great other than those Charlie horses! And getting up to pee, but what else is new. 
What I miss: A big glass of wine, running outside, my regular clothes…but honestly, not in a super huge way.  
Best moment this week: Hearing baby’s heartbeat on Thursday! Never gets old! 
Looking forward to: Getting some more things for the nursery! I am {hopefully} going to pick out a paint color this week! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm back again for 5 random thoughts on this lovely Friday!!!

1.  I went to the outlets at Gaffney last weekend with the hopes of finding some discounted nursery stuff at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet. I found nothing, but I did order this cute rug for baby's room from Rug and Home!

Now I just need to find some coordinating curtains! Oh and paint the room...and get a crib...and a glider....

2. I've decided to copy one of my fav bloggers and do Soup Sundays in the fall! So far, I've made...

They were both delicious and highly recommended!!

3. On Sunday, we went to see our friends' new baby! Baby Thomas is the sweetest, tiniest baby ever and I know he will be Baby Ferg's boyfriend someday ;)

4. Speaking of Baby Ferg, you know she has got to have some cute clothes to impress her boyfriend, Thomas (because I haven't bought her enough already)! After our doctor's appointment yesterday, I mayyy have swung by Gap to pick up a few things (on sale!) for her...because she totally needs more clothes. 

Jacquard dress...sold out online 

5. My sweet, loving husband informed me the other night that we have to attend a gala for his work at the end of the month. It is black tie (he has to get a tux), but we all have to wear tennis shoes with our fancy attire. Add to that mix the fact that I will be 27 weeks pregnant....what the hell am I supposed to wear?!?! I bought this dress off Amazon, but I am afraid it won't be dressy enough because it's made out of jersey-knit material. 

I want the dress to be long so I can hide the fact that I am wearing freaking tennis shoes
Any thoughts?! I guess I'll be searching for something all weekend....!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bumpdate {23 weeks}

Sorry I am, once again, late in posting this. Part of the reason was because when I made my chalkboard, I originally wrote "24 weeks." And I am 23 weeks. I don't even know how pregnant I am anymore. #pregnancybrain

Size of baby: a grapefruit
Weight gain: Sooo I really have no clue. My scale is still reading between 133-135, even though I weighed 134 at the doctor’s 3 weeks ago. I’m going to say I’m up 15 pounds and I’ll let you know for sure after my doctor’s appointment Thursday!    
Maternity clothes: Oh for sure! Still trying to squeeze into the last of my regular clothes. The belly band is still working for pants, but it is not exactly the most comfortable option!
Gender: A GIRL! And she’s starting to get quite the wardrobe to prove it! :)
Movement: Her kicks were really strong earlier this week, but since Wednesday, she hasn’t been as active. I can still feel some teeny, tiny kicks, but not the jabs she was doing before. I really want her to kick more strongly again so Travis can feel! 
Symptoms: On Wednesday, I had some MAJOR “period cramps” (which I later found out were probably Braxton Hicks contractions...yay). I was realized that I hadn’t felt her kick all morning and then with these contractions, I thought something might be wrong. I called my doctor, who reassured me everything was fine.  I guess babies’ movements are still not regular at this stage, and it’s perfectly normal to feel Braxton Hicks in the 2nd trimester. So I was relieved. Other symptoms? Heartburn/indigestion, Charlie horses in the middle of the night, and…dare I say it? I’ve felt a little nauseous a few times this week. If this morning sickness is coming back, I will DIE. 
Workouts: 16 miles again this week! It is definitely getting harder and harder…and taking me longer and longer. My new goal is to keep running until the 3rd trimester! Only 4-5 more weeks! I think I can do it!
Sleep: Good for the most part. I am now getting up 2-3 times on average per night to pee, but luckily I fall right back to sleep. Sometimes I wake up on my stomach and freak out that I’m crushing the baby….but there is just no other comfortable way for me to sleep!
What I miss: I want to run outside!!! But I can’t….unless there are porta-johns along my running route. This bladder thing is ridiculous. 
Best moment this week: I went to Target this week and this child LOVED it as soon as I walked in the door! I’ve never felt so much movement in there! Glad I have a little shopping buddy who loves Tarjay like her mama! 
Looking forward to: Going to the doctor Thursday! Can’t wait to hear this sweet girl’s heartbeat again!

Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday!

I'm linking up for another 5 on Friday...I haven't done one in a while!

1. First, thanks SO much for your help with baby girl's nursery! I think I'm leaning towards gray walls with pink rug and curtains....maybs something like this??

{Note: this was stolen off of Pinterest...I am not talented enough to make some sort of collage like this, let's be real}

I also really still like the idea of pink walls with navy curtains and rug...decisions, decisions!

2.  My students are seriously the sweetest kids ever! Look at the loot I scored from teaching this week:

One boy brought me an owl onesie! And another sweet girl let me borrow her mom's baby name book! And another girl wrote me a whole long list of names I should consider. I guess they want me to pick a name for this little lady already! Kids are so funny.

3. Literally the day after we found out Baby Ferg was a girl, I rushed out to the store to start shopping! First, I headed to Shower Me With Love, which is THE cutest store!
The little girl I nannied for this summer had an "owlie," which she took everywhere with her and it was the cutest thing ever. Well, I found an owlie for Baby Ferg!

I also got her a super cute UNC dress...

and a UNC book...with real pom poms inside and everything!

Seriously, if you live in or near Charlotte, you must go to Shower Me With Love! They have the best stuff in there!!!

Amongst the other clothing I've bought for this little peanut are....

This Lilly Pulitzer dress (for Auntie Natalie's wedding in July)!

And a few things at Gap...

Oh and all of this too....

I thought I was done, but then I found these sleep sacks on sale at for $10 a piece!!!

Oh and THEN, I found this adorbs swim suit at Target for $4.50! How could I not?!?!?

Ok, that's all for now with cute baby clothes. I promise!

4. I finally got my act together and put out some fall decor! Fall is totes my fav season!!

{yes, that's our new tv, and yes, I just noticed it's off-center, and yes now it's totally irritating me}

Ehhh...not Martha Stewart, but give me a break, I'm prego (and also super busy at school)!! I really need to just buy some cute fall garland and string it up all over my house....

5. I'm so excited we don't have a football game to go to or a huge party to host this weekend! It will be so great to just relax (and maybe buy more baby clothes?!)!!!