Thursday, February 23, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 40}

Big shoutout to my best girl, Ella, for distracting Lucas enough to take this picture! Sure, it's not the best pic (she was standing a little too far to my right), but at least he's not grabbing the blocks or nose-diving off the chair, so I'd call that a win! 

Anyways, we've had quite a week! 
Last Thursday, I thought we should probably get caught up with Lucas's milestone sticker pictures, since he's now officially crawling...

...and he's had those 2 teeth for about 2 months now. 

We also walked up to get my car...where I had to buy 2 new tires! Let me tell you, spending money on my car is my absolute LEAST favorite thing to spend money on EVER. I hate even forking over $30 for an oil change. Anyone else?! 

But, good thing we got those new tires because the next day we headed to the mountains! This was an extremely last minute trip, but Trav suggested we get away, and so I was willing and ready to take advantage of that! 

We rented a cabin on VRBO that was literally on the side of a mountain. The "driveway" was straight downhill, with about 3-4 switchbacks. Definitely glad my husband was driving, and definitely glad I got those new tires!

We got to the cabin around 3 PM, and were able to relax on the back deck for a while. 

This was our view all weekend! 

We headed to Canyons for an early dinner. We've eaten here before and it has gorgeous views!

Unfortunately, the service was terrible this time, and it took them FOREVER to get to our table!

Ella was bored, and Lucas downed 1/2 a container of puffs before going into total meltdown mode. 

At least we got to see a pretty sunset?!

Almost 2 hours later (!!!), we made it back to the cabin, put Lucas to bed and then made smores out back with Ella!

The next morning, Ella woke up screaming, covered in vomit. Ummm, awesome. Thankfully, our cabin had a washer/dryer and Trav went to the store to get some laundry detergent at 7 AM. Ugh. So my whole morning was spent doing laundry, airing out the cabin and drinking LOTS of coffee. 

I had all of these grand plans before Ella got sick (head up to Boone, go ice skating...), but those were now out the window, so we just went to Bass Lake and walked around. 

Ella was feeling much better by this point, and had been begging us to go to the playground, so we made a stop at the playground in downtown Blowing Rock before heading back for naps.

Thankfully, both kids took awesome naps and everyone was better by dinner. We also had a much quicker dinner (with much better service) at another restaurant in Blowing Rock...and since Ella had eaten well and was feeling better, we let her get some ice cream afterwards! 

Sunday morning, we headed home. Thank the Lord. Let me tell you, traveling with an almost 9 month old who is on a strict sleep regimen, and a 3 year old who decides to puke everywhere is NOT relaxing! Phew. We might just stay in Charlotte for a few more months, until Lucas can sleep and germs are not everywhere (this winter has been awful for getting sick!). 

After that whirlwind trip, it was time for gymnastics bright and early Monday morning! As soon as the teacher helped Ella get up on that bar, she yelled to the whole gym, "Hey! I'm up here!!" It was hilarious. 

We stopped at the mall real quick, to get Lucas his own monogrammed backpack when he goes to the Y. You know, something every 9 month old needs. 😉 
While we were waiting for the monogramming, we played by the fountain...

...and checked out the latest spring fashions at J Crew (Mom: buy me the whole store. 😜 Please and thanks!!!)! 

Tuesday was Mr. Lucas's 9 month check up! He's doing perfect and is ready to eat everything except honey and cow's milk! 

After his checkup, we went to Home Goods, where I found the world's largest mirror for our family room. Ok, I guess it's not that big, but man was it heavy! It was comical getting it in my car. 

Yesterday we had story time at our church. Lucas just wanted to sit by the teacher the whole time! He was even sitting on her lap for a little bit. #teacherspet

The theme yesterday was treasures, and this one found a mirror in the treasure chest...she was obsessed. Hopefully she's not a narcissist?! 

This sweet boy also had peanut butter for the first time yesterday...

...he was a big fan! Crossing my fingers he's not allergic to this, or anything else! 

We wrapped up our week with, what else, a trip to Target! Ella's grandparents were sweet enough to send her a little money for Valentine's Day and she chose to spend it on the last remaining Paw Patrol character that she didn't have yet...Rocky! (PS...Paw Patrol toys were 25% off on the Cartwheel app, so this guy was under $10!) She was really excited to use her "own" money to buy him! Thanks, Grandma and Papa!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the nice weather if you are local! 😎

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lucas William {Nine Months}

Dear Lucas,

How is it that I am writing another one of these monthly updates?! Didn't I just write one like 2 weeks ago?! The past month has flown by and now you are 3/4 of a year old! HOW?!?! It seems like the more I want time to slow down, the faster it goes!

Height: 27.72 inches (23 percentile)
Weight: 19 pounds, 12 ounces (52 percentile)
Head circumference: 44 centimeters

Clothes: Well, we finally got some 12 month white onesies. 😊 You are still fitting in 9 month pajamas and pants, but the majority of your clothes are now pretty much size 12 months. A few 6 month longalls still fit (thanks, Shrimp and Grits for running HUGE), but other than that, it's all 9-12 month clothes over here. Still in size 3 diapers. 

Nicknames: Lou-Lou/Lulu, Lou-Ba-Lou, Baby brother, LUUUUU-cus, Joy Boy, Hiiiiiiii guy/little guy, crazy crazy, crawly crawler...Ella still calls you "Baby Woo-cus," although the W is slowly starting to sound more like an L. 

Milestones: You are officially crawling as of a few days ago! You had absolutely NO interest in army crawling and skipped that altogether. You would get up on all fours and rock back and forth for the longest'd get really frustrated and even move backwards (how many times did you get stuck under a bed or couch this month?!). But then, you figured out how to move your hands and legs, and now you are on the move! You are so proud of yourself, too; it's like you were the first person to ever crawl. 😉 You still enjoy a little rolling now and then to get to something, though! Basically, you are all over the place, all the time. (Please note the mark under your's like you get a new boo-boo every day from one adventure or another!) You enjoy pulling yourself out of that chair, too. Keeps me on my toes! You've also mastered going from a crawling/laying position to sitting up, and you've started attempting to pull up on things. We had to lower the crib a few weeks ago because you were about to pull yourself out of it! You really want to stand up. You try SO hard to stand from a crawling position. You have the ab muscles of a body builder, I swear. You can hold a plank like nobody's business and get yourself in a push-up position constantly. You can sometimes wave, but it's more like your entire arm is just swaying in the breeze, so I'm not sure if I should count it yet? You are super close to clapping your hands, and you love when we clap your hands for you! You haven't said any words yet, but when ask you to say "Ella," you say, "Ehhhhh." I think maybe her name will be your first word?!

Sleep: This is a big one this month! We finally broke down and called a sleep consultant when you decided you no longer wanted to go back to sleep, even when we put you in our bed in the middle of the night. She prescribed a 6:00 PM bedtime for you, and it has worked wonders! We have also been a lot stricter with your morning nap. I try to put you down 2 hours after you wake up for the day (so, between 8 and 9 AM, instead of between 9:30 and 10:30 like I used to) and you will sleep for about 2 hours! You nap in the afternoons from about 1:30 until 4...but I occasionally have to wake you up around 4:30 or 5! So, with this new regimen, you have slept a few nights for 11 or 12 hours straight! We still have a few night wakings, but most of the time you go right back to sleep after fussing for 10-20 minutes. I hate crying it out, but I can handle it for less than half an hour! 

Best Moment: When you slept all the way through the night without waking up!!! I swear I heard angels singing the next morning!!!

Worst Moment: You had some major diaper explosions going on last week and it made quite a mess and a lot of laundry. And, anytime you are getting tired and get really fussy.

Likes: Your hands and feet, putting all. of. the. things. in your mouth (especially shoes), being on your tummy, the Baby Shark song, playing Peek-a-boo, when we clap your hands for you, when we wave to you, your sister (you light up when she is around; she actually stood behind me and got you to smile for all of these pictures), jumping in your jumperoo, bath time, eating.

Dislikes: Being tired, cold or hungry. If you're fussy, its guaranteed one of those 3 things.

Health: Just a little runny nose from time to time, and then whatever was going on with your massive poop explosions...not sure if it was something you ate, or you had a little bug or what...but it cleared up within 24 hours with no other symptoms, so I'm not too worried.

Eating: You could eat all day long! We are still feeding you fruit and veggie purees, but I've also given you some non-pureed stuff like black beans. Your new favorite thing this month: PUFFS. You freaking love the puffs, just like your sister! And you do really well with getting them in your mouth! You still are nursing 5 times a day, but the time you are on the boob is getting shorter and shorter. You get really distracted and/or start biting me! We haven't tried any more bottles...I am throwing in the towel on that one. 

Lucas, you are such a fun guy!!! You are such a boy and constantly on the move. You have to be where the action is! You love to smile at random people in stores and it makes their day! Everyone comments on how cute you are and your big, bright smile! You are such a blessing to us (especially now that you are sleeping a little better 😉) and we couldn't imagine life without you! 

{And, just for fun...Ella at 9 months}

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 39}

Oh my goodness, you all. This boy today! He is totally on the move and CRAZY. I just cannot take a decent weekly picture any this is the best I could get!

Anyways, last week we celebrated Lucas being out of the womb as long as he was in it with a little chalkboard photo shoot! 

Also: I was the biggest pregnant person EVER. Thank God I didn't go to 40 weeks!

We also made a quick trip to Target; Ella had gotten 2 of the same Paw Patrol toy for her birthday (Marshall!), so we exchanged one of them for a Rubble toy instead! 

Thursday night, Ella was screaming in pain that her ear hurt. She still felt awful (if not worse) Friday morning, so that meant we had to skip our Valentine's play date and watch Finding Dory on the couch instead.

Luckily, our pediatrician's office was able to squeeze her in mid-morning, where we found out she had a really bad ear infection. 😢

She felt better when we went to pick up her antibiotics, and she saw all of the band-aids at Rite Aid! Ha! She wanted all of the boxes. 

Saturday morning we had to model some of our new Shrimp and Grits clothes!!!

I am obsessed! I think I'm going to get Lucas's jon jon monogrammed. The rest of Ella's stuff is on backorder, so I will share when we get it in a few more weeks! 

We also took a walk to deliver some thank-you notes to those of Ella's friends who live in our neighborhood! 

Oh, and look who has a new trick at bath time...pulling up on the tub! 

His little muscles! 😍

Sunday was GORGEOUS (80 degrees!), so we spent lots of time on our patio...

...and at the neighborhood playground!

Monday was another round of gymnastics class. Bless Ella's heart, she fell off the balance beam! I think it scared her more than anything else and she was perfectly fine after. 

Tuesday was Valentine's Day!!! Both kids got cards (Lucas tried to eat his) and Ella also got some Paw Patrol chocolates I found in the $1 section of Target. 

I apparently missed the memo that Valentine's Day is now competing with Christmas in terms of gift-giving. Some people really went all out!!! 

Anyways, you know we had to have some fun taking a few holiday-themed pictures! 

This guy. would. not. sit. still! He is on the move 100% of the time! 

Trav came home with yummy cheesecake for Ella...

...and flowers for me (although Ella thinks they are for her too)!

Yesterday was Ella's first trip to the dentist! 

She actually did pretty good, but she freaked out when the hygienist put the bib on her (so random, I know) and wouldn't let anyone floss her teeth. And I also had to sit in the chair with Ella on my lap the entire time. But other than that (haha)...a successful trip to the dentist! 

This weekend we are headed to the mountains for a little bit!! Fingers crossed Lucas keeps up his good sleeping habits while we are gone (he's been doing SO much better since I talked to that sleep consultant last week)!!!