Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life with Ella {week 29}

Last week was 150% craziness!! 

Monday, I left Ella with her babysitter all day while I went to school to help my long-term sub pack up my classroom. 
I was so happy to be home with my girl at the end of that day!

Tuesday, I had to leave my little piano player with her babysitter again, while I went tutoring, and then to school for yet another fun day of setting up my classroom. 

I wanted to maximize my time at school, so I actually pumped while driving the 20 minutes from the library I was tutoring at to school! I felt like such a freak show.

Tuesday night, I had to work at the Y, but thankfully I was in the baby I basically just got paid to play with Ella for 2 hours! 

{onesie / bow}

On Wednesday, my babysitters went back to school (they go to a private school here, so they started earlier than CMS) so I had to bring Ella with me to school. I got her all set up in her Pack n Play....

...and within 5 minutes, we had this:

For 4.5 hours. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS! 
It was awful. 

Thursday, we spent another 2 hours screaming at school, before I called it quits and we left to pack for the beach! 

I really need to check in to Over-packer's Anonymous....this wasn't even half of what all we brought to the beach! 

As much as Ella wanted to, we did not walk to the beach....but a full beach recap is coming soon! I just need to finish going through my 231 pictures (don't worry, I'll try not to post them all)!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life with Ella {week 28}

Well, I am almost two days late in posting this. I know you've all been concerned. 

I'm in the middle of helping my long-term sub set up my classroom and so far, it's been super not fun! Here it is, almost 10 PM and I just finished a 4 mile run...and I am just now sitting down to write this! To say this week is hectic would be the understatement of the century.

Anyway, here's a look at our week 28! :)

On Monday, we just hung around and relaxed... (ahhh, wouldn't that be so nice right now?!)

We also realized that I have a MAJOR smocking addiction! 

Have you seen the resale smocked groups on Facebook?! {This one is my fave!} They are so addicting!!!!! All of these are from there, except the UNC outfitTravis actually told me to buy that one! :)

On Tuesday, our new stroller arrived, so we had to take it out for a test drive! 

We still love our Britax stroller, but had to get an umbrella one for travel and going to football games!

Not sure how many of you know this, but I am actually a part of a mom's focus group that meets periodically to discuss baby products. It's kinda my favorite thing ever.... 
Anyway, this past Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, we got to go, and on Wednesday, Ella came with me to try out some play mats!

She was unsure about some of them...

She also got to reunite with one of her boyfriends, Carter. Carter is 25 hours younger than her and his mom and I were in rooms next to each other in the hospital (we knew each other before that though!). I think I've mentioned him on here before.

How sweet are they?!?

When we got home Wednesday night, Travis had gone to Asheville for a work trip. I was putting Ella to bed and noticed she felt warm. I took her temperature...100.4*!!! I immediately started freaking out and called the nurse on call at our peds office. She assured me Ella was probably teething or had a minor viral infection, but if Ella still had a fever in the morning and was acting miserable, to give her a little Tylenol.

Luckily, we woke up Thursday morning happy as a clam with NO fever!! Thank goodness! 
So, we played in the Jumperoo (sans pillow girl is getting so big!)...

...and caught up on RHOC while eating some avocados for lunch!

Friday, we reaffirmed that my child is completely obsessed with remotes...

...and we were so happy to have Daddy back from his work trip!

We also met Amanda and Rhys at Rusty's for dinner! Neither of them was very interested in having their picture taken. 

Saturday, someone decided to be the messiest eater on the planet.


I promise I won't keep posting pics of my child eating...I realize it's not that cute to anyone (except probably me).

We also went to Target, and sat up top for the first time!

And we found these mocs at Old Navy! 

Shortly after taking this picture, I realized my phone was missing. I couldn't find it in my diaper bag, or any of my shopping bags and promptly began to have a panic attack. I thought maybe Ella had thrown it on the ground or something without me noticing, and someone had probably stolen it. Needless to say, I was freaking out. I raced home and opened the "Find My iPhone" app on my iPad, and saw my phone was at my house!! Where was it?!?! Ohhhh...20 minutes later, I found it, tucked away in my diaper bag, wedged in the changing pad mat. Seriously

We wrapped up our weekend by taking a stroll up to TCBY for fro-yo with Auntie Kaffy on Sunday!


If I survive the hell that is setting up my classroom this week, we are headed to the beach Thursday! Fingers crossed!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ella's 6 month photo shoot

Having a July birthday and never being able to celebrate my birthday at school, I've always been a big fan of half birthdays! So I knew we had to celebrate Ella's first 6 months of life last Sunday with (what else?!) a photo shoot!

I took these myself, and disclaimer: I am not anywhere near a professional photographer. Add to the mix that my husband was golfing and the bugs were eating me I'm pretty surprised these turned out as good as they did! :) 

Enjoy a few of my faves!

{1/2 birthday onesie / crown headband / tutu made by my mom!}

{Also, I am not a professional cake baker/decorator! Don't look too close ;)}

{These balloons were almost more hassle than they were worth...the blades of grass kept popping them!}

{This might be my absolute fave of the whole bunch...Trav came home from golfing and came into the backyard to see what we were up to. This is how Ella greeted him. She just loves her dad! Melt. my. heart.}

{Then I got the bright idea to recreate some of Ella's newborn pics...haha}

{I was so excited that her owl hat and bloomers still fit!!!!}

Ok, so that was more than just a few ;) But you know how I am...

Now I know why professional photographers charge so much! This was a lot of work!! 
But I can never have too many pictures of my sweet girl!