Monday, September 21, 2015

Our weekend in Chapel Hill

This weekend, we hit the road for Chapel Hill! Ella was so excited to go to her Grandma and Papa's house!

As soon as we got there, Ella got a present from her grandparents! She loves her new Elmo book (of course)!

She also loved playing with the cat!

Before dinner on Friday, we stopped at the UNC student store on campus. How funny is this chick in a blue wig?! 

She just loves spending time with her grandparents!

Ella was also super excited to see the "clock" (aka bell tower) that she recognized from several of her UNC books!

For dinner, we ate at Crook's Corner. Not the most child-friendly place, but the food was delicious!

Ella thoroughly enjoyed her rice and french fries (the only kid-friendly foods that I knew she would eat on the menu)!

Saturday morning, it was time for tailgating and football!

Ella loved watching the game with her Dad! She was excited to see Rameses on the jumbotron!

What a great fan! ;)
And what a perfect day for a football game!

So, Ella is obsessed with UNC's mascot Rameses. She loves him! She couldn't believe he was really at the game in real life. It was all fun and games until I tried to take her picture with him...and then she totally freaked out. Maybe next time?!

During the second half, Ella started to get a little rambunctious (more than usual), so we took a little walk around the stadium.

When we came back, she was refocused and ready to watch more football with Daddy. 

I just love that picture! (and yes, she wanted to wear his old, smelly hat!)

Yesterday, we came home from Chapel Hill, ran a bajillion errands, and did more football-watching with Daddy!

{Yep, her shirt says "I watch ESPN with my daddy." Totally appropriate!}

Hope you had a great weekend also!


  1. Love how much she adores all things football related :) Girl after my own heart!

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend! Chapel Hill is definitely a little slice of Heaven. The reason the sky is Carolina Blue :) LOVE her UNC polka dot dress too.

  3. Hello. What a sweet, sweet post and a fun time with the family. Your daughter is such a pretty little one and I could not stop laughing at that adorable pic of her in that blue wig. This was such a fun post... :)