Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 {Year in Review}

I'm not going to lie....I was not the most excited for 2013. 2012 was AWESOME...we bought a house, got married, and I ran a marathon! No way could 2013 live up to all of that. Plus, it's an odd (and unlucky!) number....and I hate odd numbers. 

But what do you know?! 2013 wasn't all that bad! Here are some highlights:

We bought a treadmill and I said "goodbye" to the over-crowded gym!

We celebrated our first married Valentine's Day with a nice steak dinner at home.

We also got new couches and I made 294729 trips to HomeGoods to find acceptable pillows
(This reminds me...we had the room painted in June and I STILL haven't posted pics of the completed project! Whoops!)

We pulled up dead rosebushes and planted these little guys in their place. AKA, the first and last time I will do yardwork.

Kathryn and I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston...

and another 10K in Charlotte a week later (and I got 2nd place & $150!)!

That same day, Natalie got engaged!!!

I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom...

Painted our bedroom (never again painting a room myself!)...

Oh, and on May 30, our lives changed forever!


Celebrated our own first year anniversary...
{note the lack of wine glasses...sad day!}

And took off for Italy!

We came home from Italy and told everyone we were having a baby!

I started a new school year at a new school and a new grade level!

 We had our Gender Reveal Party and found out we were having a baby GIRL!

We attended a fancy schmancy event for Trav's work...

and festively celebrated Halloween without pumpkin beer, but with our little pumpkin!

Baby Ferg got showered with love...

We attended the last few UNC football games...

and hosted Thanksgiving for both of our families!
{also the start of me trying to figure out my new fancy camera!}

We attended Christmas parties...

Spoiled our unborn child even more...

and celebrated Christmas with both of our families!

So, not too bad for a year that was supposed to suck, right?! 

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I have a feeling 2014 will be even better though!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Such an exciting year!! I am so with you on the pillows - we moved into our house in May and I just found some last month! 2014 will def be a great year for you!!! :)