Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! We definitely did...we are so lucky we got spend time with both of our families (even if it did involved 8 hours of driving in 3 days)!

On Christmas Eve Eve (which would be December 23 in case you didn't know), we left for Chapel Hill. We celebrated Christmas with Travis' family on Christmas Eve...

We got his mom a Kitchen Aid mixer-she loved it!

{Opening presents!}

{Caitlin's dog Danny watching us open presents!}

{I cannot get this boy to cooperate and take a good picture!}

After opening presents, we went to Travis' grandma's house to see his dad's whole side of the family. We had to leave a little early though, because we had to drive to Virginia to my parents' house!

We woke up Christmas morning and did stockings first.

Baby Ferg even got a stocking...with some board books inside!

Then we moved to the living room to do presents...

My mom got 2 pots, and I love this pic because she looks like she is about to whack my dad with one of them!

Of course Baby Ferg cleaned up pretty well...

{She also got a jumperoo from Grandma and Grandpa Ferguson, some cute outfits, baby books...oh and in that Kate Spade box is the cutest diaper bag ever!}

I also got this ornament for mine and Travis' parents (and a brag book for baby pics too)... 

Having a baby is very convenient for gift-giving (just like last year with all of the wedding stuff)! What will I give everyone next year?!?

Then my mom got out all of my baby clothes from the attic for me to look through! Sadly, most things were stained, out of style or just plain ugly to begin with, but I did walk away with a few more outfits for our baby girl!

We also snacked all afternoon and ate some of my mom's famous chocolate bears...

My mom also made turkey (and spaghetti for me and Baby Ferg) but we were so full from snacking all day that we could hardly eat anything! This happened last year (and every year before that), too. I think next year, we should just forgo the formal meal and snack all day instead! 

Last but not least, we had a mini photo shoot by the Christmas tree before we left for home!

I just wish I could edit out that big plant in the middle...hahah, I'm still learning how to work this fancy camera!

I was also going to share our Christmas decorations, but then I realized that they were pretty much the same as last year's! Baby Ferg did get that pink Christmas tree in her room this year, though!!

Can't wait to be back soon to recap 2013!!