Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lucas William {Three Months}

Dear Lucas,

You turned 3 months last week when we were in Ohio! The past month went by even faster than your first two months, which I didn't even think was possible. We received the BEST news today: your hemoglobin is now 11! That's the highest its been pretty much your whole life!!! Since it's now stable  and you achieved this without the help of any blood transfusions (since your last one was 2 months ago), you no longer have to go to the hematologist's office! We loved everyone in that office and we will miss them, but are so, so, so happy that you are finally 100% HEALTHY!

Height: 24.5 inches (59 percentile)
Weight: 14 pounds, 1 ounce (45 percentile)
Head circumference: Still gotta measure ;) 

Clothes: You are solidly in 0-3 month clothes, but if I'm being honest, they are getting a little small. I refuse to put you in 3-6 month stuff though. Ha! Maybe next month. You also still wear size 1 diapers. You're probably definitely ready for size 2, but Mommy forgot to change your size on our monthly Amazon subscription for this we have a whole box of size 1's we need to use up! 

Nicknames: Lou-Lou, Lou-Ba-Lou, Baby brother, Luke, Lukey, Hiiiiiiii guy/little guy...Ella still calls you "Baby Woo-cus"

Milestones: You have absolutely no interest in rolling over. You just love your tummy time. I'm not rushing it; I know you'll roll when you're ready. You can sit up for a hot second unassisted, which I think is pretty awesome. You lift your head up super high during tummy time and I can tell your neck muscles are getting stronger and stronger (which is great because we are still working out that flat spot on the back of your head). You are super alert and smiley the majority of the time!

Sleep: I regret ever saying you weren't that great of a sleeper....boy, am I eating my words now! You sleep every night from 10 or 11 (whenever your last feeding is) until 7AM...sometime even later! One morning in Ohio, you slept until almost 8:30! Basically you are a rock star sleeper, just like your sister! And, last night was your first night in your crib! You've been sleeping in the Rock n Play next to our bed, but we finally got up enough courage to put you in your own room. You slept great and didn't even notice you were in a different bed and room!

Best Moment: Surviving our trip to Ohio. I loved introducing you to lots of my friends, as well as several family members who hadn't met you yet! Everyone just loved you and thinks you're the easiest, chillest baby ever (something we've always known, but it's good to have others agree)!!

Worst Moment: You always seem to time your huge blow outs when we have somewhere to right before heading in to a consignment sale, and then twice before we even left our driveway on our trip to Ohio! Lucky for you, I'm pretty good at car diaper changes.

Likes: Kicking your feet, car rides, your wubbanubs, lights/fans, EATING, warm baths, being held, being on your tummy, your sit-me-up chair, your bear mat (that you stole from Ella!), when we clap your hands for you, when Daddy makes you "fly, fly, fly" with your arms, when people say "BOO!" and when we play "drums" on your tummy.

Dislikes: Being cold and/or hungry. You also seem to have a brief fussy time at the exact moment Daddy and I sit down for dinner. It doesn't matter if it's 6:30 or know when we are eating!

Health: HOORAY for your hemoglobin! And your hematocrit! And your reticulocyte! Because all of these numbers are in the very NORMAL range for the first time ever! Thank you for allowing me to become very educated in the world of hemolytic anemia, but let's make the rest of your life medically uneventful, k? I was not a pre-med major for a reason....

Eating: Considering you've gained 2 pounds in the last month, I'd say you're a pretty great eater! Still nursing every 3 hours for about 20 minutes (6 sessions a day).

Sweet, sweet boy, we are so happy you are growing and thriving!!! We love watching you babble and coo, smile and laugh every day. You really are the happiest and easiest baby ever, and now that you're super healthy you certainly have reason to be happy! We love you, Lou Lou! 

{And, just for fun...Ella at 3 months}

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  1. Sooo glad he graduated yesterday!! I know you're relieved!!