Friday, August 5, 2016

Five on Friday

It has been a hot minute since I did a 5 on Friday...but I was actually able to come up with 5 things to share with you today!!

1. Bachelor in Paradise

My good friend Dana (whom I am constantly texting during all seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette) told me I needed to start watching this show. I didn't want to give ABC 2 more hours of my precious time every week, so I've held off until now. But, OMG! I have so many thoughts. Why didn't I start watching this crap sooner?! It is a total train wreck and I love every second. Thank you, Dana. This is why we are friends. :)

2. On a more serious one of the moms groups I am in on Facebook, one of the girls has been trying to reach out to help babies in the NICU. Obviously, since Lucas was in the NICU, this is something that I care about, too. Anyway, she set up a fund to raise money for Zakys. Zakys are these little hands that stimulate a human's hand to help nurture those precious NICU babies. If you would like to donate, here is the link

One of the Zakys will be going to a baby of another girl in this moms group who I have been thinking about a lot lately. Her sweet boy was born a few weeks ago with a liver condition. They posted a link to his Caring Bridge page on our moms group page and out of curiosity, I starting reading it. Come to find out that her little boy was next to the very same little boy in the NICU that Lucas was next to 2.5 months ago. That poor guy is STILL in the NICU. I was so sad to read that. Anyway, since then, this girl's little boy (the one who was just born, not the one Lucas was next to) has been transported to Duke because his condition was so serious. Please keep him in your prayers! I just can't imagine...Lucas's whole situation was awful enough for me.

3. Bunco
 Ok, back to being fun again!!

Bunco was this past Wednesday night! And we played exactly ZERO rounds of Bunco. Ha! We were too busy talking...and taking pictures with Nina's selfie stick. :)
We did play Left Right Center and guess who won that?! ME!!!! Yay! 

4. Master bathroom
 I can't remember if I've mentioned it on here, but we are about to re-do our master bathroom! Here is what it looks like now:

Ugh. So much brass. So much ugly wallpaper. I can't even...

Here are some pics of my inspiration!

I basically told the contractor NO BEIGE. Ha! I want lots of white and Carrara tile. Hopefully it turns out ok...and not too expensive! 

5. The Olympics start tonight! I'm so excited! This will be Ella's first summer olympics (she was 4 days old for the Winter Olympics), and obviously Lucas's too. As a former swimmer, this is really the only time that people are interested in watching your sport

Ella is already super excited to watch all the swimming. And gymnastics too!! 

Have a great weekend!! 

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