Thursday, August 4, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 11}

Another week of trying to stay cool in this hot, muggy weather!

Last Thursday, we went to Target. I certainly do not want to wish away any of Lucas's "baby-ness" but good grief, I can't wait till he can sit up in the cart. The car seat in the cart thing is really limiting my Target spending ;)

Lucas also "helped" me make dinner! My little sous chef!

Friday, we went to a consignment sale with Chelsea and Mackenzie. 

It was a complete shit show. 

The line was sooooo long!! Chelsea and I were feeling brave though, so I waited in line with Lucas while she watched the girls play on all of the toys. 

Lucas and I entertained ourselves with snapchat filters. After an hour and a half in line, I walked out with this:

Not bad for $36! 
Saturday, Ella and I stopped by the cupcake store to decorate a free cupcake! She also got cat ears, which she thinks are the coolest things ever. 

Lucas stayed home and played soccer with Daddy :)

Sunday, I had some returns to make at Nordstrom so I took Lucas with me! It was also his first time in the Tory Burch store! Exciting stuff. 

Monday, we went to Kixx to get Ella some shoes for preschool! I'm pretty sure we tried on half the store. Ella was so good, the salesladies gave her a lollipop!

That afternoon, we went to Trader Joe's. It was Lucas's first time there, too! He was really into it.

Tuesday, we went to story time at Pottery Barn Kids!

We also stopped at the Disney Store and Ella used the rest of her gift card from Auntie Caitlin. She picked out Nemo and Dory stuffed animals, and they haven't left her side since. 

Tuesday afternoon, we took some pics of Ella for her half birthday outside! Lucas could have cared less, ha!

Yesterday, we went and got cupcakes. It was not only Ella's half birthday, but also Kathryn's for real whole birthday! 

We delivered some cupcakes to Auntie Kaffy's office! :)

2.5 years and 2.5 months! Love my babies!

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