Monday, April 7, 2014

Life with Ella {week 9}

Another week, another recap of fun times with Elle Belle!

We spent LOTS of time outside since the weather was so nice! Monday we went to the park with one of Ella's boyfriends, Rhys.

My friend Chelsea came to visit us on Tuesday!

Ella and I were so excited to hear that Chelsea is prego and due in October! Yay for more baby friends!!

We also read some fun books! Ella LOVES looking at the waterfalls in this book that my parents bought for her!

On Wednesday, I woke up to this smiley face, who slept from 11:30 PM until 8 AM! That's a record for her and it felt pretty amazing!

We spent Wednesday afternoon at Carter's house on a little playdate!

Auntie Kaffy was such a pro holding 2 babies at the same time!

To celebrate Ella's 2 month birthday on Thursday, we went out to lunch with Travis and then took her to his office...

This was her face the entire time she was in the arena! Haha.

She loved meeting all of her dad's coworkers!

On Friday, we went to the park with Rachel and Katie and their girls! 

And Friday night, Ella attended her very first Bobcats game!

She also got to meet Trav's friends Tim and Mike, who were both in our wedding!

Saturday, Ella chilled with her dad while I went with my friend to help her with stuff for her wedding.

{How cute is that little headband?! I just die.}

When I got home, we changed Ella into her Easter dress...

...and took her to see the Easter bunny!

Yes, I know the Easter bunny is creepy. But I think this one is not as creepy as some that I've seen.
And tell me that's not the cutest thing ever?!?! Ella was SOOO good! She really liked it, I think! People that were walking by kept stopping to stare at her sitting so nicely with the Easter bunny!
I was dying from laughing/crying! 

Yesterday was gross and cold, but we did manage to go for a walk, in our matching North Face jackets! 

This week we have a doctor's appointment and a wedding out of town!!! Big stuff!!! I'm already nervous about packing....


  1. OMG! I love it all! Reminds me about where we were last year. Shelby was cute with the Easter bunny last year but this year she wanted nothing to do with him. LOL!! Love that you got together with Rachel and Katie and the toddlers :)

  2. I'm SO behind in the blog world and reading. But I must say, I love seeing Miss Ella and you! She's getting so big :)