Monday, April 28, 2014

Life with Ella {week 12}

Gosh, y' I seriously have a 12 WEEK OLD?!

Someone told me that after 12 weeks, you can't refer to babies as ____ weeks old anymore, and while I haven't been doing that for a while (lately, I just say she's 2 and a half months old or almost 3 months), it still makes me sad that my baby is too old to be however many weeks old. 

I also swore I wouldn't do these weekly posts after about 12 weeks or so, but guess what?! I enjoy looking back at what we do each week, and I know I'll want to remember this stuff forever, so I'm not stopping anytime soon! :) Sorry, I'm not sorry.

Anyways, here's a look at our past week!

Monday, my parents were in town, so they helped me run some errands. First, we went to Target, of course! Someone definitely enjoyed herself in Mommy's favorite store!

Costco did not excite her nearly as much.

I also remembered that Trav's parents had gotten us this sweet bib for her first Easter, and we had totally forgotten to wear it on Easter! So I put in on Ella on Easter Monday (who knew there was such a thing?!) and she definitely kept trying to eat it! Ha!

Before bedtime, we got to read Ella's personalized book from the Easter Bunny. And yes, it made me clue what is so sad about it?!

Tuesday was pretty low key. Ella wore her adorbs shirt from the Easter Bunny,

we went on a walk, and then Ella watched her dad workout when he got home from work (a new favorite activity!).

Wednesday, we had to cheer for the Bobcats again,

and Ella went to the park with her bf, Rhys!

Thursday, we hit up the library for story time again. As soon as we got there, I realized Ella had completely blown out her pants (and of course, this was the one time I did not bring a change of clothes in my diaper bag!), so she had to spend the remainder of the time in just her shirt and a diaper. Don't judge me.

At least she seemed to enjoy the bubbles regardless!

We also went on a hunt to find me some new jeans again (the ones I bought a month ago are now too big, but I still can't fit into my pre-prengancy jeans!).
Ella was having a good ol' time...

...until about the 3rd store, when she was clearly annoyed that we were still shopping for jeans!

On Friday, one of my friends posted this video to Facebook. I instantly loved it (as I am the biggest bandwagon UNC fan on the planet) and showed it to Ella...who in turn was mesmerized by it!

I'm not sure if it was the song, or the beautiful UNC campus, or the students dancing around that captivated her, but whatever it was, she was kind of obsessed with it!

Note the number of views on youtube...pretty sure we are responsible for at least 100 of those, haha.

On Saturday, Ella, Travis and I went to Rhys' first birthday party!! 

Ella had a great time with her boyfriends, Rhys and Thomas!

Yesterday, Ella went to lunch with Dame for her 2nd birthday!
Oh but first, I had to get her picture wearing her first personalized outfit!!!
{There is a kiosk at SouthPark Mall that does monogramming for only $8! Right by Pottery Barn and Sephora!)

You may remember, Dame is Kathryn's dog who we had a big party for last year!!

After some Chipotle, Ella came with me to her very first bridal shower for my friend, Amber!

Ella was super well-behaved, and there were a few other babies in attendance as well, so I didn't feel quite so bad for bringing her (I promise, I really don't take my baby everywhere, Trav had a stupid basketball game, so I had to bring her with me)!

We have another fun week planned for this week, including turning 3 months on Saturday!
{Where has the time gone?!}


  1. She is adorable and gosh.. I remember the days of the swaddle! I loved it!

  2. Mindy - she really is the cutest. I won't judge you continuing to do your weekly updates. I made it up until twenty-five weeks. The only reason I stopped is because school started back up :)

  3. Keep the weekly updates coming!! You'll look back and be so glad you have them! Also...LOVE her new personalized outfit :)