Monday, March 5, 2012

Just a Little Bit Busy....

Oh heyyy friends! Sorry to my 4 readers (plus all those random stalkers-Mom and Dad!) that I haven't posted anything as of late. We've been SUPER busy around here! If you were lucky enough to get a phone call from me this afternoon (hello, minor emotional breakdown?!), you know how cray-cray my life has been!

First off, happy belated birthday to my sweet Momma, Sue! Poor Mom, my dad got a whole post for his bday, and Mom only gets a small mention...sorry Mom! I will make it up to you! Mother's Day, maybe?!

{kind of an oldie, but a goodie}

Anyway, bless my poor Mom's heart (I can say that now that I live in the South!), she ran a 10K with my dad this past weekend, and pulled out her hamstring on the very first mile!! I hope it gets better soon, Mom!!!

Secondly, and just as important, today is my little bro's birthday! I can't believe you are 24, Peter! 
God, I feel old!

{I don't have a super great pic of the 2 of us, so here he is with my favvvvorite niece dog, LUNA!}

Moving right along, BIG things are happening at Casa de Ferg 
(yes, that's our house name...I totes just made it up).

Yes, we joined Costco. We really are old homeowners.

And let me tell you, it has been LIFE. CHANGING. Like who knew all of the crap great stuff you can buy there?! Like the TV's are so much cheaper there (just what we need...another television), and so are my beloved K Cups! We've been twice since last Thursday! 

We had to go there in order to get stocked up for our big *housewarming party* last Saturday!! 

We got so many wonderful gifts, we are so blessed and lucky to have such great friends! Plus, UNC beat up hardcore on Dook! That alone made the night fabulous!

Unfortunately, this was the only picture I took all night:

Clearly, I was too busy socializing/drinking those Skinnygirl drinks! Thanks Bethenny Frankel, you sure do know how to make a delicious beverage! 

Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later for some wedding updates! I know you are getting excited already! HA!

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