Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Shopping Spree!

Yesterday, I decided to go shopping. I needed some fun spring clothes and I had a Gap 40% Friends and Family coupon. After finding nothing at Gap or Banana, I decided to head to Old Navy, where my dollar could go further (I am a teacher, people, and have not gotten a raise in 4 years! Don't even get me started on that..!). 

Anyway...I feel like Old Navy is SO hit or miss...and usually it's a miss. Well, let me tell you...yesterday, it was a hit! A big hit!!! Like, I-made-4-trips-to-the-fitting-room hit! So the whole time I was thinking....oh perfect...I am going to have all these cute spring clothes/things for the honeymoon, and I'm saving so much money with this 40% coupon!!! OHHHH but wait....when I got up to buy everything, guess what?! My coupon was for
Gap only. 
It wouldn't work at Old Navy! 

But, I had already fallen in looove with all of these clothes, so what choice did I have? Yep, I bought them all.

Here's some of what I ended up getting:

I also got some basics (they were whoa on sale) like a cardigan, some pants for work and basic white tank tops!
I know I bought wayyyyy too much, but I seriously haven't bought new clothes in forever, and probably won't again for a while now! I just needed some fun new things for spring! 

So if you need to stock up or just need some fun new pieces for your spring wardrobe, I highly recommend Old Navy! And, no, they aren't paying me to say that (but if they want to give me some free clothes, that'd be great!)!!!

Feeling guilty, last night I made Travis and his friend who was hanging out (watching all of the Selection Sunday fun with us!!) these super yummy enchiladas that have been circulating pinterest:

They were pretttttyyy amazing!
 Time to go make my bracket (My kids made a killer one today! ESPN should pay them...) and watch the Bachelor!!! Please, Ben, puuullleeezzzee pick Lindzi. I beg you. 

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