Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

Happy Sunday! Here's what we have been up to lately....

I'm going to go ahead and start the weekend with Thursday night, because I made this super easy and super yummy recipe:

You need to make this! It has like 4 ingredients! And it was soooo good!!

Friday, we had our first houseguest!
Travis' friend, Tim, had a softball tournament in Rock Hill, so he spent the weekend with us! 
And he definitely earned his stay by telling us about this place...

YES. Frugal MacDoogal's. This place is incredible. It is a liquor/wine/beer warehouse just over the border in South Carolina. Everything there is SO cheap! They have bottles of Skinny Girl Margaritas for $12! I'm not a huge liquor drinker, but I do enjoy saving money on booze! If you are having a party, or just need to replenish your bar, I highly recommend going here!!!! Natalie, I know you are going to want to stop here before my bachelorette party! :)

Then, we continued our classy evening by eating some yummy Mexican :)

Saturday, I ran the slowest 8 miles of my was SO windy! 

{I felt like this}

I also had my first dress fitting! YAY! The alterations lady told me I am not allowed to gain or lose any weight, or she would have to completely re-do my dress! Ahhhh...pressure! Good thing my weight is usually pretty consistent...but I guess I won't be trying to lose a few lbs before June anymore! 

Today, we went to our friend's baby shower here:

True story, I went to a baby shower at a bar/bowling alley. 

And it was SO much fun! It was very laid back, no cheesy games, and all of our close Charlotte friends were there! We just sat around, ate yummy food and drank mimosas! So it was really not so much a baby shower, but just us hanging out on a Sunday afternoon! :)

{the only pic I took...and it's blurry! You can't even tell Steph-in white-is prego!}

Now I'm watching the Oscars Red Carpet!! Woohooo :)
Have a great week, everyone!!!

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