Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Moss Letters

In the last week, wedding planning has gone from non-existent to taking over my life. I blame it on hitting the 4 months to go mark last week, and I am freaking out! How has this last year gone by so quickly?! I thought I had so much time to do stuff....not so much now!!!! 

In an attempt to have a social life, drink some wine AND do a little wedding project, I invited one of my bridesmaids, Kathryn, over for wine night at the new casa last Saturday...little did she know what she was in for! In all fairness, I did warn her to not wear her best outfit. I decided we were going to make moss letters!! If you feel so inspired, you can find the directions to make your own here or here!

A few warnings:
1. Do NOT spray the letters in your upstairs bedroom with no windows open-you may or may not set off the smoke detector and scare the $*&# out of your fiance. 
2. Definitely definitely DEFINITELY wear crappy clothes.
3. Plan on vacuuming up moss for the next 4 months. And finding moss everywhere and anywhere--in your house and on your body.
4. Hopefully you and your significant other have super easy intials-the T was a piece of cake, the M, however, was a huge pain!!

Here's our mess in progress:

Despite the mess, I have to say that I LOOOOVE Kathryn for helping me for 3+ hours, and I'm super happy with how they turned out! 

Can't wait to hang them on the church doors with some Carolina blue ribbon!! :)
If you decide to make your own (which I do highly suggest), make sure you have a good friend and a few bottles glasses of wine handy!

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  1. I love those!! They turned out so great. They are going to look awesome with the ribbon. I can't wait to see everything!