Thursday, January 26, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 36}

Time for another installment of what we did all week!

Side note: Who the heck decided it was a good idea to take a baby's picture with these blocks?! Because this child will. not. sit. still. to save his life. He is SO interested in grabbing these blocks, it is pretty darn near impossible to get a picture of him these days! 

Anyway, we had another fun week of swimming lessons....

...playing outside... (this weather 🙌)

...oh and a new car seat for Ella!

Lucas is about to be out of his infant seat, so he's going to move up to Ella's convertible. I didn't want to buy another convertible seat when Ella will probably be out of hers in another year or 2, so I just got her a harness-to-booster seat! This will be the last car seat she needs!! Tear! 

Friday, we had Lucas's make up swim lessons (we missed a day when we were in Virginia for Paw Patrol Live), so I promised Ella she could come and swim after his class. She was SO pumped!

There was actually a girl from Ella's preschool class there swimming with her mom too, so the girls mostly played while Lucas and I hung out on the "beach"!

Our weekend was pretty low-key. I did get a new rug for our front hallway! 

And we also put together this new sofa table! Now to decorate 

Sunday night, I took Ella to see Daniel Tiger Live! I got our tickets the night before at like it was very last minute, but she had so much fun! She wanted to stand by the sparkly statue before we went into the theater...

Ella is getting really good at going to these shows. Apparently, we are aiming to see every "live" version of kids' tv shows this year. 

Our seats were in the 3rd to last row, ha! So there weren't very many people behind us! We actually could see everything pretty well though!

She looks like she is miserable, but I promise we had the best time!

Monday morning, it was time for Ella's gymnastics class again. Lucas stayed entertained by looking at the trophy case ;)

Ella is working hard on trying to jump with both feet together. I'm thinking of maybe getting her a little trampoline like this for her birthday to practice? 

We also had to stop for a weight check on Lucas. He wasn't gaining much weight when he started teething back in December...but according to Monday, he had gained like 10 ounces in 2 weeks, so he's all good now! 

Tuesday, I dropped this chick off at preschool...

...and then it was time for more swimming lessons! Lucas and his little friends in his class were hanging out on the pool deck before class...

...and then their teacher joined them and had a little pep talk with the guys! It was the funniest thing. 

Yesterday was gorgeous so we spent as much time outside as possible!

With a little break at Chick Fil-A for lunch! 

This upcoming week is Ella's BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!! I can't believe she is almost three!!!!

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  1. You're gonna love the Britax Frontier! We've been so happy with that seat. It's so easy for kids to climb in and out of on their own. And the click tight feature makes it a breeze to install.