Friday, January 20, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 35}

Happy Friday! Here's a look at our past week!

Thursday we said goodbye to my parents....

(side note, MOM: what are you wearing?! I can't believe I didn't say anything while we were there, haha! Love ya)

Our car was really gross from driving through all the snow and slush, so we got a car wash ASAP!

These 2. I can't even handle them sometimes. 

Friday afternoon was GORGEOUS, so we broke out our new stroller from Santa and walked up to our neighborhood playground!

Lucas got to go down the slide for the first time, which he loved. 

Sunday Ella went to a birthday party at the same place where she has gymnastics! She was excited to show off all of her skills. 

But her favorite part? The cupcake, duh!

The next morning, we went right back to gymnastics! First she wanted me to take a picture of her "being a gymnastics girl." 

Not sure when she turned 8?!
Anyway, the parent observation room was closed, so I got to watch her class in the gym! Yay!

Tuesday, this guy had a great swimming lesson! His teacher was really proud of his back float! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I figured since he was such a great swimmer now, that it was time to graduate from his baby bathtub. He loved sitting in the big tub and splashing the water!

On Wednesday, Ella wanted to wear her ballet flats, "just like you, Mommy." If I am her fashion inspiration, well, that is scary!

We went to our church story time, and the theme this week was to follow Jesus on an the teacher had set up this whole obstacle course adventure-type thing. We got stuck in the bubble-wrap section because both kids were OBSESSED with it!

That afternoon, we had a play date with our friends! Lucas got to chill on a blanket with his baby friends while Ella and the big kids played!

That night, Ella helped me make dinner. We are trying something new to help her eat more than just fruit snacks, cheddar bunnies and macaroni & cheese. My friend told me about this game (ps--not sure why it's now $50! I paid no where near that!), which I ordered immediately, and this is our first week doing it! I'll report back if it truly works after the 21 days...but check out Ella eating a pepper while she helped me cook! Miracle!!!!

Have a great weekend!


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