Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Natalie's Bachelorette Party

{Whoa, 3 days of blogging in a row?! And a non-baby-related post?! Who am I!?!?!}

This past weekend, I flew to Ohio (for a whole 36 hours!) for one of my best friends, Natalie's, bachelorette party!!! 
It was so wonderful to be reunited with so many of my good college friends!!

I arrived bright and early Saturday morning, and we hung out at Natalie's house for a bit (and she and her fiancé, Brian, made breakfast for us all)...

{The happy couple}

{part of our group at Natalie's house!}

We said goodbye to the WOLVES (yes, real wolves!) that live next door, and headed to Cleveland!

In Cleveland, we had lunch and drinks at Happy Dog. In case you are not familiar, this place only serves hot dogs...gourmet hot dogs with all sorts of toppings, but hot dogs nonetheless. And I do not eat hot dogs!!!


I was kind of freaking out, but because I am a good friend, I took one for the team and got a hot dog with cucumbers, tomatoes and feta. 


Yes, I ate a hot dog. Take note, because it may never happen again. It was ok...but I really wish I had just gotten two orders of tater tots. Those were yummy!

After our "delicious" lunch, we headed to the hotel to freshen up and give Natalie her gifts!


{Jess got Natalie some pee-pee straws}

{Bride + Maids of Honor!}

{Beer in the sink....standard}

We went out for a little day drinking action at Great Lakes Brewing Company. I am not a huge beer drinker, so I had some riesling. that ridiculous?! Ordering wine at a brewery?! Oh well. 

{Our whole group!}

We then left to go to dinner at Market Garden. Sooooo delicious!!

I got the black bean tacos and they were amaze. You could say I mayyyy have enjoyed them more than my hot dog earlier ;)

And, they also had wine! Hooray! We also passed out a little card game that had dares and different shots for people to take. I'm not really sure what ended up happening to those cards....???

{This is SO classic Natalie}

Around 10:00, my boobs were HURTING. I hadn't pumped since 3:30, so I was pretty much dying. I didn't want to leave Nat, but thankfully, her future sister-in-law, Katie, was sweet enough to come back to the hotel with me so I could relieve my boobs! 

{Selfie in the cab!}

We met Natalie & Co. back out half an hour later. They had somehow wandered down to Club Touch, which if you know Natalie at all, you know that this was not her idea! Hahaha. It was pretty comical. Upon googling it the next day, it is apparently a supper club with great tacos! Who knew?!

We finished off the weekend on Sunday by visiting Natalie's personal favorite (catering their rehearsal dinner), the Taco Truck!!! My burrito was sooooo amazing!!! I could not eat the whole thing, but man....yum in the tum!

Such a fun time in good ol' Ohio!!! Can't wait for your wedding Natalie, in just one short month!!


  1. so fun! some of our best friends live in Cleveland and we go up there once a year to the Lake Erie Islands. Where is her wedding and when?

  2. Ha I always order wine too! Just can't get into beer! Looks like a great weekend!

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