Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ella Grace {Four Months}

Dear Ella,

I'm pretty sure you are the cutest baby in America. Or probably the whole world. Please, time, stop now!! I can't believe you are a whole THIRD of a year old! 

Height: 25 inches (64 %ile)
Weight: 13 pounds, 4 ounces (23 %ile)
Head circumference: 16 inches (42 %ile)

Clothes: You are still chillin' in 0-3 month clothes, although some of them are starting (barely!) to get a little snug. I've put a few 3-6 month outfits on you and I just think they look enormous! Exception: your jean shorts! Those are 3-6 months and they fit perfectly (and are the cutest little things ever!). In diapers, you moved up to a size 2 a few weeks ago! I probably could have kept you in size 1 for a little bit longer, but they were starting to leak, especially at night. 

Nicknames: Elle Belle, Peanut/Peanut Butter/Peanut Weanut, Love Bug, Snuggle Bunny

: The big milestone you hit this month was rolling over! You can roll from your tummy (to the left and to the right) onto your's so fun to watch you! You have also become quite the talker! Just this morning (at 6 AM, mind you), you were just babbling away in your crib! Your little voice just cracks me up. Also this month, you've become a little more interested in toys. You love your playmat, and bat at the toys that are hanging from it. You also love to play with your will pull them out of your mouth, look at them, and then stick them back in your mouth. You could probably do that for hours on end! When you are sitting, you are becoming more and more stable...I think we may have a sitter by month 5?! 

Sleep: You continue to be a rock star sleeper!! You go down around 9 PM and sleep until 7 or 8 AM! Sometimes, you wake up a little earlier (like this morning), but you never just hang out in your crib, happy as a clam until Daddy or I come and get you! Your naps are becoming a little more consistent, too. You sleep around 10 AM and 1 PM for about 30 minutes each, and then take a longer nap in the afternoons around 3 PM. Sometime you even take a fourth nap around 6 PM or so if you haven't slept well that day. 

Best Moment: A tie between watching you roll over for the first time and your baptism! Both very special events!

Worst Moment: I always really have to dig for these, because I honestly feel like there are no bad times with you! If I had to pick one, though, I'd say it was last weekend when you had this rash on the side of your face and we had no idea what it was! We called my mom (a nurse practitioner) and she said it was probably an allergic reaction to something, and luckily it was gone by the next morning! I was afraid we were going to have to take you into urgent care or something though!

Likes: Getting into the car seat, your play mat, anytime we sing and dance around with you, when Daddy walks in the door from work (you always get a huge smile on your face), bath time, the Mamaroo, the Jumperoo (basically all of your baby gear!) pretty much love life all day, every day! 

{You also enjoy playing with that owl pillow during our photo shoots now! Haha}

Dislikes: Still not the biggest fan of tummy time and you always try to roll over onto your back whenever I put you on your tummy. Diaper changes are still not a fav, either. 

Health: You had a little congestion earlier this month, and we were constantly using the NoseFrida! You didn't seem to mind, though, and luckily we didn't even have to take you in to the doctor or give you any meds for the runny nose. Aside from that and the weird rash mentioned earlier, you are still a picture of perfect health!

Eating: You still eat every 3 hours or so, and I am still waking you up for a "dream-feed" every night before I go to bed around 11 PM.  Last weekend, when I was gone and Daddy had to give you bottles, he said you were taking about 4-5 ounces at each feeding and you were holding the bottle yourself! Go girl!

My sweet, sweet girl, we really could not have asked for a more joyful baby. You are so happy all of the time and it really does make my job as your mom so easy! I'm loving seeing you develop and grow a little more every day and I look forward to your next milestones! I'm also so excited that I get to be home with you until your first birthday...we are going to have so much fun together this summer, fall and winter!! Keep up the good work (hello, teacher!) but don't grow up too fast!!! We love you!

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