Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's Been Going On...

Ohhhh HEYYYY friends...I'm just over here enjoying my FOUR DAY WEEKEND. No big deal. Thanks MLK for the day off yesterday, and sweet optional teacher workday today (which I obviously opted out of!)! Every week should be like this! 

Things are still pretty low key around here, which is amazing, but we did manage do some exciting things over the weekend....

First of all, did I mention that I LOVE being able to avoid the crowds at the gym with my new treadmill! I can't remember if I mentioned it on here or not, but if you follow me on Instagram {fergmindy}, you know that Travis and I recently got this guy, and we love it!!! 

Anyways.... Friday night, we went out to dinner with some of our friends at Heist Brewery for Restaurant Week! In case you are not from Charlotte, it's where a bunch of restaurants have a special menu...3 courses for $30! Although, this might not have been the best place to go for Restaurant Week, because we all just ordered off the regular menu! 

I got a yummy balsamic flatbread...(and a strawberry beer! It was super yum!)

And Travis has some sort of burger (surprise!) that he said was delicious.

Then because we are pigs, we went to Capital Grille for dessert! Trav and I split this amazing hazelnut chocolate cake....oh my goodness, IT.WAS.AMAZING.

I hope they do take-out there, because next time I am craving chocolate (PMS or otherwise), I am sending Travis to go get this cake for me!!!

Saturday was boring; I babysat and worked on report cards. BLAH.

Sunday, we went to church, and I went to the mall to get more makeup from Sephora. WOOHOO.
When I came home, I found out my cousin (#1 out of the 4 that are pregnant, in case you are keeping track) had her baby!

Here is baby presh is she?!?!?!

Yesterday, we went furniture shopping and bought a new couch!!! 

I always wanted a white couch, but was nervous with my messy husband and kiddos in the future...luckily, on this one, you can take all of the covers off and wash them! So YAY!

So, now here is our family room...

We were going to get a matching loveseat, but we wanted to see how this looked with the old leather loveseat first....and I am not a fan. I think we either need to get a matching white loveseat, or maybe a big chair?? What do you think?

I also don't know what to do about pillows....I loathe those red ones! Here's another picture of the couch without pillows....

What color pillows should I do? And what about curtains?!?!? Any decorating tips would be appreciated...I am not good at this stuff!!!

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  1. What about yellow and grey pillows?? I like the couch but think you need a matching chair or loveseat!