Thursday, January 3, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. {sappy picture frame}

A little over a week ago, I gave my dad a sweet, sweet present for Christmas, inspired by none other than a pin on Pinterest:

I saw this frame and knew I had to give it to my dad!! Unfortunately, when I looked on Etsy, I realized that thing was $60!! Call me cheap, but I am NOT paying $60 for a picture frame!! I figured I could make it myself! 

So I am linking up with Beautiful Mess for Saw it. Did it. Pinned it. to show you how it's done!

1. Gather supplies. I bought a wood plaque, wood frame (that I didn't end up using), acrylic paint, foam brushes and letter stickers. I also used some acrylic sealer that I already had.
{Please excuse the phone pics....yet again, this girl was too lazy to get out the real camera! New year's resolution, perhaps?!}

2. Paint the wood plaque with a foam brush. I decided Carolina blue, because it's kinda my fav :)

3. After the paint is dry (I did 3 coats), cut apart each letter sticker and lay them out how you want them.

4. Stick each letter down. I used a piece of paper as a guide to make sure the letters were in {somewhat} of a straight line. I realize it's not perfect, but I tried really hard!

5. After the letters are down, I used the acrylic sealer and sprayed it lightly over the whole piece, so the stickers wouldn't peel up.

6. I decided the ghetto wood picture frame looked a little too crappy for me, so I ran out to the store and bought a simple silver 4x6' frame instead.
I put the pic of my dad walking me down the aisle in it (duh), and then, I hot glue gunned the sh*t out of that frame!

And viola! DONE!

A Christmas present to make your dad cry!!!

Simple, simple, simple. Less than $60. Definitely doing this again! 

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