Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 39}

Hi! Hi! Hi! I'm alive!!
I'm crazy behind on this little space of mine due to our beach trip we took this past weekend! I will slowly but surely get caught up (even if it takes me a month!) here's a look at our week of May 17 until we left for the beach May 23!


I figured our strawberry picking days were limited, so we decided to go one last time for this season!

{Ella's dress is super cheap from Amazon!}

And miracle of miracles...Lucas actually SMILED for a picture!!!!


We had Lucas's party....which I still need to type up and post for you! Coming soon, promise :)


Lucas's birthday!

He had a blast opening up his presents! A favorite was this soccer goal!

Ella had to sing at her preschool church that morning. They sang the sweetest little song for the benediction and it made me BAWL MY EYES OUT right there in the middle of church. Thanks for that, preschool teachers.

Once I recovered from that, our family went to the Knights baseball game for Lucas's birthday!

It was Princess Day! Ella got pictures will all of the princesses there; Lucas had ZERO interest in them, ha! He was just there for the baseball!

When it's your birthday (and let's face it, even if its not), Daddy buys you ice cream!

We had a great time celebrating our big 3 year old!


More birthday toy testing...

...followed by a trip to the library...

...and finally, playing on Ella's preschool playground after we picked her up!


Ella's preschool graduation!

I was expecting to cry hard the entire ceremony. I even asked friends (and Instagram!) for tips on how to make me not cry! But, I am happy to report, I only got a little teary when she walked in. The rest of the time, I was fine!

They had a sweet little ceremony. Her class sang some cute songs (thankfully none as sad as that crap they sang on Sunday!), and then the teacher called each child up. She announced where they would attend kindergarten, and what they wanted to be when they grow up. And do you know what our Ella wants to be? THE TOOTH FAIRY, of course!

We are so proud of our little graduate!


Beach packing in full force!

We also met our friends at a new-to-us library!

The boys loved these fun chairs!


Ella's last day of preschool EVER!

Thank goodness Lucas will be going there next year, or I'd be seriously so sad about leaving that preschool! I'll be a mess when Bennett is done with preschool (but that's never happening...)!

While she was at school, Lucas had his 3 year old well visit at the pediatrician!
This picture tells you how his visit went....

Yep. He screamed the entire time. He almost wouldn't even stand on the scale. He HATED it. I had to keep bribing "If you do this, we can go to the beach!" Haha. We survived, but good grief I am thankful for a healthy boy so I don't have to do that again for (hopefully) another year!

We picked up our preschool graduate, and headed to the beach!!

I'll post about our beach trip soon! And Bennett's 9 month update...and Lucas's party...and another weekly update for this week. Eiyiyiyi. SO many things. Stay tuned! :)