Monday, September 11, 2017

Back to School Week!

I meant to post this last week, but I've been following hurricanes, on the phone with travel insurance people, and researching other trip destinations (our trip to St. Martin was completely ruined by Irma, so sad) I didn't have time! I'll explain more about our trip later, but if you have been in the hurricane's path, please know that I am praying for you!!

Anyways! Two weeks ago, we wrapped up our fun little summer school with back to school activities! I had so many things from teaching kindergarten (this was always my first big unit each school year, for obvious reasons), but I'll try to link as many activities as I can!

Books we read:

Educational activities:

School tools patterns

I got this worksheet out of this book that I own. You are welcome to borrow! :)

Letter sorts

Any other teacher friends familiar with Words Their Way? It is my FAVORITE. Sorts are a huge concept in all of the WTW books, and they encourage you to start with the most basic sorts which are concept sorts (i.e., fruit/not fruit). Then you move onto letter sorts. To do this, print off letters {like these} in several different fonts. Dump all of the letters onto the table, mixing them up, and the child has to put each letter into the correct library card pocket. This sort was only letters Aa through Hh, and if I were to do it again, I'd probably give her even less letters to sort. But its a great way to teach kids to discriminate between b and d, as well as introduce them to "weird" a and g.

Art projects:

Tissue paper school bus

This was an activity we did in my art center, so I don't have a link. 
But all you need to do is: get an outline of a school bus (here is a template) and cut out small squares of yellow, white and black tissue paper. You can either have your child trace the school bus onto construction paper or you can do it (I did it). Then they crumple up the tissue paper and glue it onto the bus. Well, they are supposed to crumple it. As you can see, someone got lazy ;)

We didn't use the school supplies she provided here; Ella and I looked through old magazines and I cut out any school supplies she found!


Straight outta my teaching days (and I have the pictures to prove it), the classic school bus snack.

You need:
-Graham cracker
-frosting, dyed yellow
-mini Oreos
-Chex cereal

I frosted the graham cracker and then let Ella put the "wheels" and "windows" on herself!

We had such a fun summer doing all sorts of fun activities!!! I may or may not already be planning for next summer ;) We miiiiight do a few fall-themed things in the upcoming weeks, but with Ella in preschool 3 times a week (and Lucas no longer taking a morning nap), it's a little challenging! But this has been a lot of fun for not only Ella, but me as well! 

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  1. You are amazing girl! I feel like I need to get out my teaching stuff and do some of it with Eliana! Love seeing all your creative ideas! And yes love Words Their Way! Think I'm gonna do some of these activities with Eliana if Audrina let's me put her down!