Monday, May 5, 2014

Life with Ella {week 13}

Oh gosh, more Ella stuff!
Even though I just wrote her 3 month post, I still have to recap all of last week's activities! Is anyone getting sick of Ella pics?! Hopefully not! 

On Monday, we went to the Tory Burch store at SouthPark! I wanted to take advantage of her 25% off Friends and Family event, and ended up getting these sandals

As per usual, everyone in the store loved Ella. She was equally amused by the bright lights and--I think--fabulous clothes, shoes and handbags. :) Please check out her foot in the above pic--she was sad Tory does not make shoes in her size; she was ready to try some on!

This top picture was taken Monday night, the bottom picture was Ella the next morning. How the heck does she move around so much in her sleep?! Is this normal?!?!

Tuesday, we went to Lowe's to get some wood cut (we totally fit in there! ha!)

and then I tried to introduce Elle to some of her toys, including Sophie. She was not interested. 

On Wednesday, I baked my cookies for our wine party! Ella was not very much help...

until it was time to eat them! 

{Don't worry, I really didn't give her any cookies!}

Thursday, Ella and I went up to my school to visit my class! It was extremely chaotic and you would have thought Ella and I were Justin Bieber, but we survived and Ella ended up falling asleep!

As if that wasn't enough excitement, I decided to put together the Jumperoo Ella got for Christmas from her grandparents! She was kind of obsessed with it...especially the "waterfall" in the front!!

I think she may still be a little too small for it...she has pretty good head control but her legs are a looooong way from touching the ground. We have a pillow under there for now, but I'm curious about what the average age is for putting babies in this sort of contraption? I think I may wait a little longer, but she liked it so much, I feel bad depriving her! 

Oh! And thennnn...for even more excitement, we went for pedicures with Kathryn and Janelle!

Friday, Auntie Caitlin came over and snuggled with Ella!

We also had a little photo shoot with Ella (at 12 weeks and 5 days, exactly) and her ultrasound pictures at 12 weeks 5 days!

She kept trying to eat the ultrasound pics...!

She has changed so much in 40 weeks! :)

On Saturday, I decided Ella needed to be exposed to even more children who I've taught, and I took her to the Girls on the Run 5K! You may remember, last year I coached GOTR with my friend Amber and it was a really fun experience!

This year, I got to run with one of my students from last year! It was great seeing 2 of my former students and a bunch of my old coworkers!

{Side note: Our little Britax B-agile is fine for now, but it will not cut it as a jogging stroller! Anyone have any suggestions? I am thinking about getting either a BOB Revolution or BOB Ironman}

Yesterday, we went to the Wells Fargo Championship. It is fairly close to our house, so we were fortunate enough to walk up there and enjoy the day! 

Ella especially loved seeing all of the mansions (where she will live in a few years...hahah)...

and laying the by the lake to see the little ducklings!

We won't mention that she peed all over that Lilly dress....and then pooped on our {WHITE} couch when we got home! 

Here's hoping for a bathroom-incident-free week! :)


  1. Justin Bieber!! that is a hoot! You'll have to show her that picture when she's older.
    Shelby wasn't into Sophie at first, but then was all about her.

  2. Ella is such a snuggle bug! You guys are so busy! It's normal for her to spin around in her crib like that :)

  3. Oh my gosh, go get ALL THE PEDICURES now with her while you can. I miss those days of bringing M with me!!